Featured Artist Charlie Milgrim

Artist and sculptor Charlie Milgrim presents a selection of works that address challenges in our changing world.

Featured Artist Richard Laurenzi

Inspired by the classic shapes and themes of ancient history, artist Richard Laurenzi creates terracotta sculpture to capture the imagination.

Featured Artist Gabriela Farias

Artist Gabriela Farias presents a striking selection of contemporary sculptural wall art from her latest series.

Featured Artist Mark Rafter

Artist Mark Rafter shares a fascinating collection of boldly textured and vibrantly colored abstract sculpture.

Featured Artist Joan Konkel

Artist Joan Konkel presents a fascinating portfolio of ethereal woven mesh sculptural artworks that interact with light. Visit her website to see more.     I grew up in California, the land of sun, sparkling seas and snowy mountains. Perhaps this is why light and color have been important in my work.     As […]

Featured Artist Humberto Guanipa

Artist Humberto Guanipa presents an intriguing group mixed media sculptural works with mysterious meanings.

Featured Artist Daniel Moore

Sculptor Daniel Moore creates metal sculpture that reflects his connection to nature and community.

Featured Artist Alice Bailey

Artist Alice Bailey shares a selection of her highly detailed, one-of-a-kind mosaic sculpture.

Featured Artist Wayne Brungard

Artist Wayne Brungard’s abstract metal and wood sculptures explore the dynamics of personal relationships.

Featured Artist Nicole Camilleri

Artist Nicole Camilleri creates mixed media art and mosaic sculpture devoted to healing, love and inner peace.

Featured Artist Eric Goldstein

Artist Eric Goldstein presents a collection of mixed media sculptural canvases that convey his impression of light and the landscape.

Featured Artist Cheryl Janis

Textile artist Cheryl Janis uses a wet felting technique and dry needle sculpting to transform raw wool into dreamlike wall sculptures.

Featured Artist Clifton Webb

Inspired by African culture, artist Clifton Webb creates abstract sculpture with a visual message of positive change.

Featured Artist Gabriela Hirt

Artist Gabriela Hirt creates paintings and sculpture that explore collective history, isolation and social injustice.