Featured Artist Kent Epler

Being and feeling creative is my life-It never shuts down. It’s how I live, breathe, and eat. It is who I am and how I express myself every minute of every day.

Featured Artist Daniel Bassett

Most of my work is about catching a moment. Whether it is a portrait, a character jar or a planter, my goal is to make pieces that have impact.

Featured Artist Stephanie Osser

I usually incorporate some musical item or theme into my major compositions.

Featured Artist JD Miller

I am inspired by each and every moment of life. It is such a gift to be alive and expressing my experience as a human being in art.

Featured Artist Jim Harman

With years of designing and manufacturing custom jewelry, the attention to design and detail is evident in my bronze pieces.

Featured Artist Judith Unger

I am currently working on a Swan Maiden Mythology Series embracing mythological images.

Featured Artist Richard Monteleone

This body of work is about expansion, light, space and energy. The best metaphor is the physical change from ice to steam (ice is contracted water molecules and steam is expansive water molecules). I desire my viewers to feel this expansion in them, in the space and in the work.

Featured Artist Bren Sibilsky

I believe my artwork has and is a journey. It takes me to into my own inner darkness to the blinding light of my truth.

Featured Artist Jack Inson

It is my love of the realism and abstractions of nature combined with the character and substance of the stone itself that inspires me in my creations.

Featured Artist Luann Udell

My artifacts began as embellishment for fiber pieces. I wanted them to look truly ancient, to be authentic, NOT through blind reproduction, but by diligence and attention to detail.

Featured Artist Denisa Prochazka

The need for creation became reinforced with the birth of my own child and the desire to heal, protect and empower. I also felt the need to portray feelings, needs and a visual conversation within the sublime.

Featured Artist Ken Newman

Creating art is cathartic. In turning over the leaves of your life one needs to dig deep so as to question your beliefs and truths, maybe even rub a raw spot on your soul.

Featured Artist Kevin Caron

Creation itself is fueled by the thrill of the chase—can I make what I conceive, no matter how impossible it may seem?

Featured Artist Ed Jaffe

I…try to keep every square inch as interesting as the whole canvas and I want to keep your eyes moving around after you have seen the painting as a whole. I try for volume, space and texture. After all, I am a sculptor who paints.