Featured Artist Paulapart Pino

Acoustics, the study of how sound and vibration pass through a space, became the new focus of my artistic pursuits so I started making acoustic sculptures.

Featured Artist Carlos Mercado

My work is inspired by nostalgia and Caribbean iconography. I like to reinterpret the past and look at it with fresh eyes.

Featured Artist Lori Schinelli

When I worked with glass for the first time, my spirits lifted. I noticed that it seemed to reflect and refract light in a way reminiscent of the sun bouncing off the surface of the waves.

Featured Artist Robert Heller

I’ve found a balance between my sense of artistic freedom of expression and my scientific training as a physician. This balance continues today by fulfilling my two passions—working in medical research and sculpting.

Featured Artist Maria D’Souza

To me some of the most beautiful things I have seen occur in nature. By using the skulls of the world’s most iconic big game animals as my raw form I strive to take the beauty that nature has provided and take it to the next level.

Featured Artist Brigitte Polemis

With our fast-paced life style in a light-speed technology environment we have resulted in a mechanized, shallow, homogeneous world, leading to a cruel and irrevocable path toward an uncertain future.

Featured Artist Andre Sardone

I love that I am in a way preserving some of the history of the area, combining different pieces to repurpose “waste” into art, provoking discussion and memories. Each component has a story to tell.

Featured Artist Christine Wagner

My artwork represents, in abstract form, the organic textures and elements that exist in nature, through a variety of materials including paper, found books, thread, beeswax, oils and eggshells, to name a few.

Featured Artist Steph Mader

I hope the glass landscapes evoke those quiet places where there are only natural sounds–the wind, bird song, little rustlings in the underbrush. I think it helps us remember that we are part of the larger world, just as perfect and natural as any other creature.

Featured Artist Dennis Ruble

My current body of dimensional and flat-panel paintings explores the contrast of hard-edged graphic lines and shapes against free-form abstract elements. The shadows projected on the wall become an essential part of the piece.

Featured Artist Elaine Witten

My artistic goals are to create beautiful form, incorporate noteworthy negative spaces both within parts of the sculpture as well as space surrounding the silhouette, and to portray characteristic movements.

Featured Artist Vincent Mattina

I’ve also become interested in Steampunk and recycled art which works well with my love of surrealism…I have integrated the two mediums of digital and found-objects into mixed media assemblages.

Featured Artist Andrew Pisula

It is so exhilarating to see someone react to something that I have made, so gratifying to have conversations about how and what I do, and so unexpected to have that be so fulfilling.

Featured Artist Gail Glikmann

In recent years, I have become fascinated with found objects, especially things that I have uncovered in junk yard. These include mosaics, metals and e-waste to name a few.