Featured Artist Mary Kinzel Means

Featured ceramic artist Mary Kinzel Means presents a delightful collection of whimsical and symbolic sculpture.

Featured Artist Steven Schaefer

Glass artist Steven Schaefer shares his story of mastering this fascinating medium, and presents a collection of stunning glass sculpture.

Featured Artist Christina Bertsos

Artist Christina Bertsos presents an extraordinary collection of contemporary stone sculptures inspired by the human spirit.

Featured Artist Juliet Bacchas

Ceramic artist Juliet Bacchas shares a stunning selection of hand built sculptural and functional work from her portfolio.

Featured Artist Antje Roitzsch

Featured artist Antje Roitzch presents a delightful collection of free form mobiles in different shapes and mediums.

Featured Artist Andrew Fichtler

Inspired by travel experiences and a with goal of excellence in craftsmanship, artist Andrew Fichtler creates sculpture and furniture made to last. See his website to view more of his work.     I haven’t exactly taken the normal path most people would think of for an artist. However, it’s an integral part of who […]

Featured Artist Laura Lee Bradshaw

Prolific sculptor and classical figurative artist Laura Lee Bradshaw presents an impressive selection of her work. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I am Laura Lee Stay Bradshaw, a Utah-based figurative sculptor. I have a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Brigham Young University. My work is defined by themes […]

Featured Artist Mary Curtis Ratcliff

Artist Mary Curtis Ratcliff shares a collection of fascinating mixed media kinetic sculpture inspired by nature.

Featured Artist Sam Silberstein

Enjoy Sam Silberstein’s wildly creative and delightfully quirky portfolio of sculpture made of repurposed materials.

Featured Artist Paul Perry

Australian artist Paul Perry presents an incredible portfolio of detailed mosaics, from small works to public art projects.

Featured Artist Charlie Milgrim

Artist and sculptor Charlie Milgrim presents a selection of works that address challenges in our changing world.

Featured Artist Richard Laurenzi

Inspired by the classic shapes and themes of ancient history, artist Richard Laurenzi creates terracotta sculpture to capture the imagination.

Featured Artist Gabriela Farias

Artist Gabriela Farias presents a striking selection of contemporary sculptural wall art from her latest series.

Featured Artist Mark Rafter

Artist Mark Rafter shares a fascinating collection of boldly textured and vibrantly colored abstract sculpture.