Featured Artist Peter Michel

The rainbow colors I use symbolize both diversity and inclusion. The positions show the figures supporting each other. The circle, totem, and structure are formal devices that facilitate a unified composition of many elements and symbolize the unity of purpose that characterizes this community.

Featured Artist Stevie Love

I blur the boundary between us the viewer and the relationship we usually have to painting as a pictorial metaphor, instead bringing paint to us as its own reason for being.

Featured Artist Gilly Thomas

I make a complete journey when developing an idea of an animal that I wish to create. I look at many photographs and depictions of that animal and then I start to make a clay representation.

Featured Artist Mark Levin

The grain and beauty of the wood have little influence in the design of my work. I create with wood because of its intrinsic value, virility and quickness of execution.

Featured Artist Pierpaolo Catini

In my creative journey, I felt the need to create a thick surface in my artworks, something material that people can feel and touch.

Featured Artist Curtis Benzle

From the tactile magic of malleable clay, to the visual temptation of the luminous, fused silica in translucent porcelain, this material excites my senses and stimulates a creative mind.

Featured Artist Amy Flynn

Since I started making my Fobots® (Found Object Robots) in 2008, I consider myself the luckiest person ever. I get to make a living doing my two favorite things—creating art and hunting for treasure at flea markets. How cool is that?

Featured Artist Chris Navarro

I know what it is like to have a dream that only you can see. You must believe in yourself even when no one else does. The secret is, you must do the work. To be great at anything you have to love what you do. You need to put the time in the studio with the materials in your hands.

Featured Artist Malem Lemieux

Ever since I could dream and use my hands I dreamed of, drew and sculpted horses. As a child, animals mesmerized me and I communicated with them naturally. Some say I have a gift and that I see, feel what others do not.

Featured Artist Paulapart Pino

Acoustics, the study of how sound and vibration pass through a space, became the new focus of my artistic pursuits so I started making acoustic sculptures.

Featured Artist Carlos Mercado

My work is inspired by nostalgia and Caribbean iconography. I like to reinterpret the past and look at it with fresh eyes.

Featured Artist Lori Schinelli

When I worked with glass for the first time, my spirits lifted. I noticed that it seemed to reflect and refract light in a way reminiscent of the sun bouncing off the surface of the waves.

Featured Artist Robert Heller

I’ve found a balance between my sense of artistic freedom of expression and my scientific training as a physician. This balance continues today by fulfilling my two passions—working in medical research and sculpting.

Featured Artist Maria D’Souza

To me some of the most beautiful things I have seen occur in nature. By using the skulls of the world’s most iconic big game animals as my raw form I strive to take the beauty that nature has provided and take it to the next level.