Featured Artist Brooke Johnson

Sculptor Brooke Johnson shares a fascinating and challenging journey of transforming resin into a three-dimensional art form.

Featured Artist Deborah Harrison

British sculptor Deborah Harrison presents a portfolio that ranges from portraying nature to the human condition.

Featured Artist Jessica Mungekar

Artist Jessica Mungekar presents a collection of unusual sculpture that fulfills her artistic vision and contributes to the community.

Featured Artist Mike da Ponte

Mixed media artist Mike Ponte combines sculptural technique with his background in graphic design to create a compelling collection.

Featured Artist Kara Young

Featured mixed media artist Kara Young draws inspiration from the culture and land of her home state of New Mexico.

Featured Artist Anne Burtt

Artist Anne Burtt presents a fascinating portfolio of fused glass artwork created using a complex process.

Featured Artist Shane Cooper

Enter the fascinating world of Shane Cooper, who reimagines old books from the dust of history into new life as works of art.

Featured Artist Daniel Baharier

Artist Daniel Baharier shares an incredible collection of bronze sculpture that celebrates the beauty and athleticism of the human body.

Featured Artist Robert Snyder

Featured artist Robert Snyder presents a delightfully eccentric collection of sculptural ceramic teapots and vessels.

Featured Artist Fermin Fleites

Artist Fermin Fleites imagines a world where diverse stories from different cultural groups converge, emphasizing the universality of human experience.

Featured Artist Lisa Ann Lening

Featured artist Lisa Ann Lening presents a charming collection of contemporary 3D mixed media collage artwork.

Featured Artist Mary Kinzel Means

Featured ceramic artist Mary Kinzel Means presents a delightful collection of whimsical and symbolic sculpture.

Featured Artist Steven Schaefer

Glass artist Steven Schaefer shares his story of mastering this fascinating medium, and presents a collection of stunning glass sculpture.

Featured Artist Christina Bertsos

Artist Christina Bertsos presents an extraordinary collection of contemporary stone sculptures inspired by the human spirit.