Featured Artist Kiki Bragard

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Amsterdam landscape


I started painting in Tokyo in 1996 – where I was living at the time – taken by the amazing architecture – the old traditional blended with the new, melting together so smoothly! The bright spots everywhere, the colourful lights surrounding me, the cool energy…


Big Ben, London, artwork


All this left an abstract imagery imprint on my mind that had me develop my own combinations of techniques & materials to create non-figurative artworks representing my experiences and imagination of the real world in vibrant colours on canvas.

I have been traveling a lot through Europe, Asia, Australia and America over the years. I have also lived in several countries, but since I moved back to Aachen in Germany – where I am from – my style has changed a lot.

Sydney Opera House, painting of opera house


What started out as abstract cities more and more turned into my ongoing series of unique “Precisely-Imprecise” City-Shapes, finished off with my trademark black lines around every component in a painting. My City-Shapes paintings are between 1 and 2 qm – big enough to “dive in & get lost”, modern and exciting with vivid colours. My aim is to evoke the soul of a city, a street, an area. Places viewers recognize, have visited or want to visit. Places, where the viewer can see himself and find identification. You rarely find humans in my City-Shapes. They are not needed in there. The architecture’s soul speaks for itself.


abstract painting


In 2010 I came across a very intriguing artist in Brussels from whom I learned very odd techniques leading me to play with my black-line style. The result is my “You” series. The colour code is the same as in my City-Shapes, but the content is the opposite: human, expressive, partially rather violent – dealing with the symbiosis of human life -a blend of reality, fiction and fantasy – telling stories, rude, bold!


painting of two women


2010 I also started to learn how to use spray cans in many sessions with German graffiti-legend LAZY65. This led me this year on to develop the process into another direction: Using cans in combination with paint markers to create my style. The results are new City-Shapes with divine skies and a series called “Intermezzo” with sexy females that look like painted with brush and acrylics but actually are made with spray paint and paint marker.


wet t-shirt, Rio Grande


This year I also won the Gulpener Public Award in the Netherlands for my “Big Ben” city painting and I have started a collection of small, affordable merchandise-items of my large paintings – as not everyone has that much wall space…

I am always interested in new opportunities to show my works, contacts, ideas…


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