Featured Artist Terri Allen

Haunting images from featured artist Terri Allen give a signature style to her work. Enjoy her art and visit her website for more.


street scene


I am a Nebraska artist that uses Polaroid film; slide film, and water media to make unique photographic artwork. The basic process is called Polaroid transfer but I take it one step further by enhancing and adding to the image once it is transferred to watercolor paper. The individual handwork and discontinued film make this art form distinctive.




With a background in art, the artistic look of the Polaroid transfer captured my interest after a number of years studying photography. Once introduced to Polaroid film in this way, I knew I had found what I wanted to do. It provides me a way to blend my love of photography with that of other media – a means of sharing both my observation and expression. I now have over 15 years experience in this rare medium and continue to explore it’s possibilities.




I thoroughly enjoy the time consuming process that first starts by taking a picture with slide film. The slide image is then exposed onto Polaroid film using equipment in my home studio and from there I develop onto watercolor paper. Developing the image onto watercolor paper leaves beautiful turquoise tones, streaky black areas, and changes in color unique to each picture. I do not believe this photographic look can be attained any other way than with Polaroid film and am always amazed at the results.




Next, the creative process and fun continue with individual handwork on each piece using a variety of media. In an age where digital is the norm in the photography world, I like that I remain holding onto a piece of the past and am able to to put my spin on an old favorite. I consider each step to be an integral part of the statement and artwork up to and including the framing, therefore I do each step myself.


The Composer


I continue to learn and experiment with different media, incorporating what I can into new pieces. I find inspiration in the life around me – from a rural scene in the sand hills of Nebraska to a treasured family heirloom. I feel there is wisdom in nature, kindness in beauty, and growth in discovery. I look forward to what is yet to come.


ship in fog


Currently I am an associate artist at the Burkholder Project gallery in the downtown Lincoln area. I am also an exhibiting member of the International Society of Experimental Artists as well as an active member of state and local art groups. I have recently been accepted, by the Nebraska Arts Council, the honor to exhibit at the Nebraska Governor’s Residence next year so I will be busy in the months ahead getting new pieces ready for that upcoming show.


Pink Lotus Flower





  1. congrats on your upcoming show…what an honor!!

    I once had a book on this process and always wanted to try it , but never did. Your work is intriguing! I especially love that top piece!!

  2. Terri, you do wonderful work. It is a joy to know you. Love the birdnest and the boat and (all of the others).

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