Featured Artist Kathleen Keil Hill

A deep love for animals inspires painter Kathleen Hill. Enjoy her portfolio and see more by visiting her website.


Bernese Mountain Dog


There aren’t any hidden agendas, profound statements, or social commentary to what I do. Plain and simply put, I paint birds and animals in a realistic style that is, at its core, purely a celebration of their lives.


Colt and butterfly


Nothing can improve on the real thing, the softness of their fur, or pattern colors on feathers. A cold nose, the eyes that are deep pools that you can get lost in and that also reflect what they see in you, it is all simply amazing to me! I love their personalities and the way they accept life at face value.


Irish Setter


They go about their day living and not fretting. My new puppy wakes up every morning in a state of pure joy and happiness. These are the things that inspire me to paint them and strive for a portrait that is so close to breathing, people have actually reached out to pet them.


cat with butterfly


Most of my first non-art jobs were animal related, e.g., stable hand, trainer’s assistant, dog groomer, but these experiences taught me about anatomy, personality, and the uniqueness of each individual. They also gave me inspiration to continue to improve my artwork.


cat laying in the shade


It led to me doing commissioned portraits which make up the main focus of my work. I am happiest when I am working on their faces, so a horse in a landscape turns out to be frustrating to me.


Pinto Indian horse


Several years ago, I decided to try licensing and was fortunate enough to find Painted Planet Licensing Group to represent me. It certainly is a whole different business entirely from what I was used to. Rather than satisfy a few people with a portrait, you have to paint images that appeal to a demographic and also lend themselves to a product. I have had my images used on umbrellas, tote bags, stained glass sun catchers and quilting fabric. To date, I have five fabric designs and am currently working on a new one with roosters.




Over the years I have taken so many reference photos that I want to paint from, that I have decided one of my next projects will be to paint them in small format, nothing larger than 9X12 inches. It will be great practice and work me toward my goal of always trying to improve my abilities.




I would also like to compile a book of my work with inspirational sayings, ideas, and artistic thoughts. I have been keeping journals throughout my life, and there is so much content, I would love to organize and share it! The wonderful quotes and insights from others have inspired me to keep working, so it would be neat to offer that to others.




  1. Just beautiful work! Thank you, ArtsyShark, for sharing this talented artist!

  2. i love animals and art and your work is just beautiful!! i especially love that first dog…what a sweet face…you did an amazing job of capturing him!!

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many of Kathleen’s art pieces over the years. Her style has the depth and warmth of being alluringly almost cinema-graphic. Like you are immersed into a great movie, you can quickly be absorbed into the moment of her art. What a wonderful talent.

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