Featured Artist Alex Colombo

Enjoy the charming and whimsical portfolio of featured artist Alex Colombo, who sells her work and also licenses her images. Visit her website to find out more.


Flower design


Alex Colombo is an experienced designer, illustrator and licensed artist who was born and grew up in beautiful Milan, Italy. She has a strong background in textile design and has professionally practiced interior design for over 10 years in both Europe and the United States.


apple and pear


She is most passionate about illustration, surface design and home decor – with her eclectic but simple patterns she likes to create colorful, whimsical and unique rhythms. She approaches design with a curious and experimental mind while she applies mixed techniques to bring her concepts to life. She enjoys drawing with pencils and pens, and hand painting with watercolors/acrylics.


carrot design on eco sacks


Her creative work conveys warmth and is inspired by her upbringing around the alpine and mediterranean areas of Europe as well as her contact with different cultures and people she has met while traveling around the world.


cactus and desert art


She fuses natural, organic, primitive art with contemporary-folky designs; lots of dots are her signature style. Whether her work is created digitally or by hand, her colorful illustrations and drawings convey her love of life.


winter snowman


Alex loves to create a long-term collaborative relationship with her clients to make beautiful product lines that uplift people’s spirits and enhance their everyday lives. Her simple motto is: “Partnering to Make the World a Better Place through Art.”


Radish, Apple and Pear designs


She also hosts a popular blog called “The Moon from My Attic,” an art licensing chronicle where stories of artists and manufacturers from around the globe are featured along with their fantastic art and products.


fish designs


She is passionately and tirelessly devoted to creating new, dynamic art that not only honors the past but also speaks to the changing times we live in. To this end, she is currently creating several inspirational art collections for products to present at the Surtex show in 2013.


Alex Colombo invites you to connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, and Spoonflower.



  1. Alex creates amazing work and her blog the Moon from My Attic is one of my favorite blogs!

  2. Delightfully fresh. Timeless images of the things we love. Thank you for bringing Alex to us.


  3. Thank you all so much for your nice comments – very flattered! Wishing you a prosperous 2013!!

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