Should You License Your Art?

by Carolyn Edlund Art licensing is an option for artists, but it’s not right for everyone. How does it work, and how can artists become involved in this market?     Art is everywhere in our lives. Quite often the art you see printed on products was licensed by the manufacturer from an artist who […]

How Artists Earn: Art Licensing

Artists who license clearly benefit from multiple contractual agreements, each one producing a stream of income.

I’m Sorry …. WHAT Did You Sign??

I vote that artists start standing up for themselves, their beautiful artwork and the immense talent that they bring to this world, and demand fair treatment in their commercial dealings with these entities and similar bullies.

Art Licensing Website Connects Artists and Clients

The site is not an art licensing agent, but simply a meeting place, in essence a “virtual art licensing show.”

Representing Artists to the Corporate Market

“Artists don’t want to go out and sell themselves,” said Murray. “They want you to go out there for them, make the sale.”

Taking Art to the Mass Market

The Artwork Factory sells through three channels: retail to the public through online sales, wholesale to large retailers and smaller independent stores, and to the trade, working mostly with interior designers

How to Scale Your Art Business

You might consider having your artwork reproduced in different formats, creating products for sale on a retail and/or wholesale basis.

Advice for Photographers from John Lund

If you want to make a living as a photographer, you are going to need bread and butter clients

Master of Humor: Interview with Photographer John Lund

The photography was more fun and took less time, and they paid me more. I said, “I think I’ll become a photographer.”

Featured Artist Sarah Hudock

I paint primarily in watercolor and gouache, occasionally including colored pencil or ink, and I love to focus on detail.

Art Licensing Strategies/Interview with Maria Brophy

Artsy Shark interviews art licensing expert Maria Brophy on how artists can protect themselves contractually when licensing their work.

How to Ace Your Next Trade Show

Building a partnering relationship with your customer is an ideal scenario where both of your businesses will benefit.

Featured Artist Alex Colombo

She is passionately and tirelessly devoted to creating new, dynamic art that not only honors the past but also speaks to the changing times we live in. To this end, she is currently creating several inspirational art collections for products to present at the Surtex show in 2013.

Featured Artist Patti Gay

This collection is made up totally from the textures that Noah paints.