Featured Artist Anne Klar

Canadian artist Anne Klar sculpts colorful creations that portray a time gone by. Enjoy her delightful work and get more information by visiting her website.


Windswept Whimsy


Upon graduating from university, I worked for many years in the corporate sector until I eventually got the opportunity to work as a full-time artist. It was at this point that my passion to create, sculpt and paint came together in my signature 3D Sculpted Paintings. I am a self-taught artist who has loved working with my hands ever since childhood. My innovative process is a most unique art form, and I work by creating layer upon layer of beauty.


Everything was Illuminated


In 2009 I was selected “Artist In Focus” by Britain’s Progressive Greetings Magazine. In 2008-2010, Groupe Pierre Belvedere, Canada’s largest Greeting Card Publisher, selected some of my artworks  to be featured in their “Canadian Collection”. My artwork has been published and distributed to retail outlets across Canada, and featured in decor magazines. Since 2011, I have donated artwork to fundraise charitable money for Toronto’s premier cancer centre, Princess Margaret Hospital. In 2012, I was one of a few designers/artists selected to work for Hewlett Packard on one of their new product launches.


A Moment


I cannot think of anything more exciting then bringing a blank canvas to life. My 3D Paintings evolved from a love of working with my hands that I can trace back to childhood. My primary medium is clay and I am forever finding new ways to make my paintings reach out beyond the canvas and touch the heart of the viewer.


Pink Linen



“Relief” which dates back to the ancient Greeks, has a magical capacity to draw the viewer in. I often hear, “I feel so calm, it is as though I am in the painting”, or “I feel as though I am right there.” Those are immensely satisfying comments because that means that the dreams that I am painting are in essence universal dreams.


Finally Home



Be it laundry hanging on a clothesline blowing in the wind, puffy quilts, an old barn, a field of flowers, colourful umbrellas, mother and child, a snowy night – all are made of clay. It is a medium that has proven ever forgiving. It allows me to take it wherever my imagination leads me.


A Snowy Night



My artwork often depicts a world gone by. Artwork reminiscent of a time when life was less frenetic. My art is about restoring the beauty of a bygone time.


"Cool Breeze" by artist Anne Klar


An artist is blessed with two lives. One is the routine and mundane. The other is the world you can create that is the antithesis of one’s reality – a place of fantasy and escape. Therein lies the eternal love affair between art and artist.


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