Featured Artist Helen Rudy

Helen Rudy creates stunningly bold colorful glass art pieces. See more of her inspired work by visiting her website.


handmade glass bowl


My name is Helen Rudy, I was born in Liberia to British nationals. My formative years were spent in Great Britain. I have Bachelors Degree in Economics and was a construction Manager for over 20 years. I moved to the States after marrying my American husband. I met Peter while mountain biking across Tanzania.  My Border Collie and I packed our bags and moved to Vail, Colorado. I spent my time as a construction Manager on high end homes. With the winter months being so long and cold, I felt like I was hibernating: I really do not do well sitting down in front of a TV. I started to fuse glass with the help of a friend who had a hobby studio with a kiln. I got hooked.

I gave up construction management 3 years ago and now work full time with my glass art. My business is growing well and I am at the stage that I will be showing for the first time at the Buyers Market of American Craft in February 2013, Booth #3814.


handmade glass


Being an artist with an economics and construction degree, I find myself melding art and functionality. I am driven by the need to make beautiful glass that has a dual purpose. It gives me great pleasure when people buy my coordinated platters and bowls and are not afraid to use them.


handmade glass


I am interested in combining the structured nature of my background into my work. I use a lot of geometric  designs, repetition and patterns to create multi-dimensional pieces. I am keen to experiment with light to see how it affects the nature of the glass in different conditions. The Mzungu piece below changes character and pattern depending upon the light and angle it is viewed.


handmade glass


This series was inspired African pillow headrests and the colors of the Serengeti.

My personality is clearly affected by light, sunlight and color. This defining characteristic flows into my art. People often say my work is happy. With careful use of color combinations the glass has an uplifting element and constantly refreshes me.


glass sculpture


The technical side of my brain allows me to combine the science of glass making into creating textures, shapes and control of fluid dynamics. With careful control of temperatures I am able to create highly patterned table tops without the need to paint on the reverse side my designs.


glass table, handcrafted glass


I am lucky to have a very good welder who makes all of my stands, tables etc. to my specifications. I have a welder, plasma cutter and sandblaster in my workshop. I make the prototypes of any steel structures to iron out any design flaws before making more. A pleasing aspect to my work is custom. I enjoy the dynamics of working with customers to create specific pieces for their homes.


colorful glass panels


Although I have been working full time in art for a relatively short period I am thrilled that I am gaining more recognition and endorsement by showing in many exquisite retail outlets. I have just been awarded the winner of the Best of 2013 Customer Satisfaction Award by Houzz.com.

I am looking for new galleries who are willing to showcase my art. I like to foster relationships with accounts so I can learn what their clients want and trends so we can both grow our businesses.




  1. Wow.. love your work! Look forward to seeing it in person someday soon. Live in Santa Fe but often am in Denver and Colorado Rockies.

  2. Funky joyful work! Excellent

  3. Cheery and beautiful.

  4. Your work is wonderful. Glad to hear it is all working for you as you are doing something you love. It shows in your work. Can you please let me know the prices on the green and blue plates and do you sell on line? Thanks much,
    P.S. I am a full time professional artists as well but have not sold on line. I am thinking about it on some of my smaller paintings.

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