Featured Artist Sandra Bryant

Featured artist Sandra Bryant presents a stunning portfolio of glass mosaics inspired by travel and culture.

Featured Artist Mike da Ponte

Mixed media artist Mike Ponte combines sculptural technique with his background in graphic design to create a compelling collection.

Featured Artist Anne Burtt

Artist Anne Burtt presents a fascinating portfolio of fused glass artwork created using a complex process.

Featured Artist Katherine Berg

Katherine Berg presents a stunning collection of handmade glass vessels, and shares her inspirational story.

Featured Artist Steven Schaefer

Glass artist Steven Schaefer shares his story of mastering this fascinating medium, and presents a collection of stunning glass sculpture.

Featured Artist Jake Pfeifer

Artist Jake Pfeifer founded a busy glassblowing studio, and pivoted during a difficult time to keep his business thriving.

Featured Artist Jacki Cohen

There is nothing more exciting to me than watching someone connect with my work. Art enriches the soul and can magically turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Featured Artist Mark Rosenbaum

I don’t keep a formal sketchbook as some artists do. Instead, I do my “sketching” and prep work in front of a 2000 degree furnace.

Featured Artist Helen Rudy

I am interested in combining the structured nature of my background into my work. I use a lot of geometric designs, repetition and patterns to create multi-dimensional pieces. I am keen to experiment with light to see how it affects the nature of the glass in different conditions.