Featured Artist Chrissy Mahuna

Enter the imagination of fiber artist Chrissy Mahuna as she presents her delightful needle-felted creations.


crab, needled felted animal, handcrafted crab


After getting my BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland in 2002, I moved out to Hollywood to work in the Entertainment industry. For the past seven years, I’ve been working as a scenic sculptor on projects ranging from big budget movies like Land of the Lost (which I met my husband on) and Star Trek 2, to theme-park rides like Disneyland’s Finding Nemo and Little Mermaid, to large musical stage shows for performers such as Katy Perry, Elton John, and Cirque du Soleil.


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Along with my professional sculpting, I’ve been making and selling felted sculptures since 2008, going by the alias “The Felted Chicken.” Working with wool is the perfect medium for me because I love the playful nature of the final pieces, the soft and fluffy texture of the wool, and since I’m so bad at sewing, I can sculpt stuffed animals!


Fly by Artist Chrissy Mahuna


Felted Chicken creates funky & unique needle felted and mixed media sculptures that blur the line between fine art and craft. Each piece is one of a kind, made with masterful craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. I strive to combine my classical fine art skill, with a traditional craft medium, & quirky humorous concepts to deliver a quality product to my customers.


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Even though I’m always experimenting with materials, I think I’ve got my technique down. So currently I’m focusing on more of the concept aspect of my sculptures. Narrative, character designs, & composition are harder for me to execute successfully than the actual creation part. Transforming my pieces into fully conceived sculptures rather than just “art objects” is my ultimate goal.


koi, handmade felted fish


I’m in love with “Low Brow” or “Pop Surrealism.” There is so much skill & talent within nontraditional art movements. I respect so many of the artists that work in the designer toys, plush, tattoos, graffiti, doll, folk art, and comic books fields. And since I’m a true geek at heart, I’m inspired by all things horror, monster, kawaii, anime, & science-fiction.


needle felted creatures


Needle Felting, or Dry Felting is the process of compressing & entangling wool fibers into a solid piece of fabric using “barbed” needles. These needles grab the loose fibers, push them down & tangle them with the ones below. This allows me to truly “sculpt” the wool into a 3-dimensional piece without the use of a pattern or sewing machine.


The Felted Chicken at Work



Chrissy invites you to connect with her on Flickr and Pinterest.



  1. Wow amazing work! Love Chrissy’s humor!

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