Featured Artist Linda Laino

To be “in” that magical space of experience and to come out of it with something to give to the world is both the artist’s gift and reward.

Featured Artist Sarah Mandell

The art of needle felting is something I discovered about ten years ago and have learned to love by practicing every day.

Featured Artist Lea McComas

My art is an extension of that fascination with the human experience. It’s about capturing stories with fabric and thread. Each piece is meant to introduce the viewer to a new character or set of characters by opening a window to their narrative.

Featured Artist Karen Benjamin

Sustainability of our planet is a complex issue which I am constantly inspired by. With my art I try to raise awareness about issues that will affect future generations if change is not implemented.

Featured Artist Kent Epler

Being and feeling creative is my life-It never shuts down. It’s how I live, breathe, and eat. It is who I am and how I express myself every minute of every day.

Featured Artist Andie Grande

I question the possibility of reconsidering refuse materials beyond usefulness. Because a work of art is, by definition, useless; we’re naturally in a stance of praising matter for its own aesthetic virtues, beyond any tendency toward appropriation.

Meet Fiber Art Now

Our mandate is to connect artists to the resources that will help them with their career.

Featured Artist Barbara Poole

I like the fact that I can make exquisite fashion apparel and accessories and can incorporate it into my artwork and show it in an art gallery.

Featured Artist Michele Hardy

Choosing color is an important energy for me and how I approach the world. I am drawn to, and inspired by, the natural world, particularly geological features and concepts.

Featured Artist Laura Burch

The sculptures should appeal to the viewer so that they take the time to connect with the piece and want to know what it is that I’m saying with the piece.

Featured Artist Luann Udell

My artifacts began as embellishment for fiber pieces. I wanted them to look truly ancient, to be authentic, NOT through blind reproduction, but by diligence and attention to detail.

Featured Artist Wendy Ives

The dichotomy in a delicate looking, or transparent fabric, that is strong and able to be washed in a modern washing machine is a thrill to construct.

Featured Artist Loren Batt

Essential to me is the artisan’s hands-on approach to the construction of a work, finessing the details and the atmosphere, and gaining the upper hand over the inevitable problems and mistakes that arise along the way.

The Art of Color & Texture

We asked some artist friends to share works that radiate color and texture. Click on each artist’s name to visit their website.