Featured Artist Norman Pirollo

Featured artist Norman Pirollo uses a traditional craft medium as an art form. Enjoy his portfolio, and see more of his work by visiting his website.


wood sculpture


I enjoy working with wood as my primary medium, drawing inspiration from its inherent beauty. In the latter part of my former IT career I began to explore art and working with wood as a medium. Deriving considerable enjoyment from creating tangible wood objects, I then pursued alternative studies to master this form of art. I currently create wood art in all forms ranging from sculpture to wall art and unique studio furniture.


wood cabinet

Today, I have embraced this creativity and completely devote my time to creating art. As a motivated artist, I continually challenge myself with new processes resulting in clean, contemporary works celebrating the natural organic forms which surround us. My sculptural and wall art is a creative combination of subtle yet dramatic features where unique forms incorporate unusual graphics found in vibrant woods. This wood art is composed of figured woods with unique characteristics to which I infuse color to depict an image I envision.


wood sculpture


The inspiration to begin a work of art usually originates in a vision or image. Utilizing atypical woods and incorporating vivid colours, I create an abstract depiction of this vision or image. I enjoy challenging myself with new processes to draw out the inherent beauty of highly figured woods and to create new, unique forms of art within my wood art genre.


wood art


I create art to satisfy the need in me to be creative, to develop a voice, and to enjoy a tranquil lifestyle. Completely immersing myself in my work in a quiet and serene environment, I truly enjoy working with wood and continue to be excited with the many possibilities that lie ahead. I feel that I still have much to learn about wood and what can be accomplished with it as a medium.


artist in studio


A large portion of my work is performed using hand tools and my furniture designs incorporate both rectilinear and curvilinear components, drawing inspiration from organic shapes and natural elements.


wood art


I am currently creating a series of sculptures in a new organic style. The latest sculpture will be the largest I have created. I have also begun to explore photography as a medium to draw out the detailed grain and graphics of wood at the macro level. I plan to spend more time in this direction over the next year.


art by Norman Pirollo


My goal is to have my work in galleries and homes throughout North America. I derive great satisfaction knowing that my art is a focal point in a client’s home.


dyed wood grain


As a participant in numerous juried art shows, I have received various arts awards within recent years. My work has also been featured in the following books:  “Studio Furniture: Today’s Leading Woodworkers”, “Wood Art Today 2” and “500 Cabinets” as well as various international magazines. I have also been selected as a finalist for the prestigious NICHE Award 2013.


wood sculpture


Today I enjoy creating speculative art, sculptural art, unique furniture as well as commission work in my Ottawa, Ontario area studio.

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