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Enjoy the brilliance and color of Canadian artist Anne Gudrun’s lovely portfolio, and visit her website for more from this talented artist.


flower painting red


I’ve always loved to draw and create; to visually express the beauty I experience in the natural world around me.

Art is my way of Being. Through art I create my Self, defining who I am by what I do and how I express.


colorful landscape painting


It is a divine way of living and experiencing life. When you experience beauty, you experience your soul. When you create beauty, you express your soul.

As I live my art, I no longer look outside of myself to see where I fit into the world. Instead, I create my life from the inside out.


painting of a woman sleeping


I live on the West Coast of Canada where I am surrounded by the beauty of the forests and ocean. Being in nature connects me with my spirit and I’m inspired to express what I see and experience.

My ancestral home of Norway inspires me with beauty-infused memories of colour and light… from long, midnight sunsets to breath-taking northern landscapes… troll magic and faerie tales…


floral painting


My art comes from everything that I am… my essence… and it is from this place that my world continues to evolve and expand. It is a continuous journey. In my studio I love to guide and mentor others to discover their own essence through the journey of art.

When we live our lives as art, the world becomes a match to who we are.

Each day we get to decide ~ What will my day be like? How will I live?… What will I create today? Our lives become art-ful.


colorful flowers


As an artist I intuitively observe how lines, colours and shapes define the essence and personality of things. My paintings are interpretations and expressions of what I see and experience.


man sleeping


Whether creating the figurative representation of a person or the abstraction of a flower, I explore the interactions between the shapes and colours on canvas; each colour and shape becoming its own character and contributing to the work as a whole.




My paintings reflect the beauty of nature with bold vibrancy and an innate sense of design.

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  1. wonderful colors and composition! lisa freidus

  2. Tresa Meyer-Clark says


  3. Your sense of color and shape is inspiring. You have color temperature down to a science! so vibrant it sings! thanks for sharing!

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