Featured Artist Meg Black

New England artist Meg Black uses a unique process to create gorgeous seascapes. See more of her fascinating work by visiting her website.


Atlantic Palette


My work expresses my relationship with nature, particularly the splendor I experience upon my many trips to the Atlantic seacoast.


Distant Travels


When considering nature, I do not try to copy what I see but what I feel.  Moved by the natural light and organic shapes I observe in the places I visit seeking inspiration, I try to capture in my work the essence and mood of the place.


Seascape Diptych


The ocean is ever changing: it is alive with history, purpose, color and texture.  It is a place to discover, reflect upon and contemplate.


Northshore Scape III


I work with handmade paper because as a medium, it mimics the feel I try to recreate from the time I spend in nature. Handmade paper has not been widely used as a painting medium, thus I am constantly discovering its potential and am challenged by its capacities, which allows me to be a pioneer in this exciting medium. The texture of pulp provides an almost three-dimensional quality to the painting’s surface, thus mimicking nature in all its splendor.


Garden Path


My paintings and wall reliefs are created exclusively from fibrous paper pulp: there is no “paint” of any kind on the surface.  Each work is pigmented with 100% pure, non-fading, acid-free pigments and is carefully treated so that it can be exhibited with or without glass.


National Seashore


My unique process and careful attention to craftsmanship provides a seductive, textured surface that lends itself to the natural subject matter of my work.

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  1. Faboulous work!

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