Featured Artist William Barnhart

Oil painter William Barnhart creates rich, dramatic work in a large format. Enjoy his portfolio and see more from this talented artist by visiting his website.


Sailing to Cartegena

“Sailing to Cartegena” 41 x 66, Oil


My studio is located at 506 N. Center St. in Mesa AZ. I built the 3600sf studio from the ground up, and completed the process in 2008.


Barnhart Studio


This amazing structure features 28′ domed ceilings, beautiful natural skylights and north windows, massive rotating overhead cranes, an 18′ big ass fan, an outdoor sculpture garden, a gallery, office space, kitchen and entertainment space, a rock climbing wall, and even an old VW Bus converted to a bedroom and suspended 12′ off the floor, complete with fireman’s pole.


Boy and His Bird

“Boy and His Bird” 34 x 42, Oil


All the steel, glass, and a vast majority of the building materials used in the process are recycled. The beautifully sculpted grounds are all desert and natural landscaping.The building itself is a work of art, and continues to gain accolades and awards, including Mesa’s Extraordinary Property Award in 2011.


Floating on the Sea of Tranquility

“Floating on the Sea of Tranquility” 42 x 50, Oil


My contemporary figurative artworks are an exploration of the drama, the emotional complexities, the mental and spiritual realities of this human experience we are suspended in.


Moving Towards the Landscape of Promise

“Moving Toward the Landscape of Promise” 55 x 41, Oil


I strive to unravel and engage the viewer in universal truths that transcend the boundaries of social class, politics, nationalities, religion, and even time itself.


Trees of Kismet

“Trees of Kismet” 30 x 40, Oil


My large oil paintings, monotypes, and bronze sculptures delve into matters of the universal human heart, such as love, joy, passion, beauty, kindness and hope.


Birds of a Chosen Paradise

“Birds of a Chosen Paradise” 48 x 59 Oil


They also transcend into the dark shades of loss, pain, rejection, stress, fear, despair and relationship complexities.


The Touch of Indifference

“The Touch of Indifference” 49 x 63, Oil


By dealing in emotional truths with a common human denominator, I strive to have my esthetic explorations relevant, and moving. My aim is to speak to the hearts of those sensitive enough to understand the vocabulary.


  1. great paintings, new to me but I will try to keep in touch. Love this style

  2. I love the your rich color! Beautiful work and amazing studio!

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