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Painter Sue Martin presents her story and her colorful portfolio. See more from this talented artist by visiting her website.


She Dreamed of Daffodils

“She Dreamed of Daffodils” by artist Sue Martin, 36″ x 36″


If I had to label my style, I’d call it “abstracted realism.” I try to “stamp” (literally and/or figuratively) every painting with my particular view or feeling of the world around me. Though I work in all media, I most enjoy working in acrylics, building up many layers and sometimes mixing other media, such as pencil, charcoal or watercolor crayon.


"Curly's Gardenia" by artist Sue Martin

“Curly’s Gardenia” by artist Sue Martin


I also make my own stamp designs that I stamp into gesso or acrylic gel, or use with paint, as part of an underpainting. Even when I switch media (i.e., to watercolor or oils) I aim for the same look/feel in my work.


"Bleak Midwinter Wyoming" by artist Sue Martin

“Bleak Midwinter Wyoming” by artist Sue Martin


I always work in a series. Most recently, the series is about “The Bleak Midwinter.” The images are mostly inspired by photographs I took from the car window on a cross-country road trip in December 2012.

Most of my work is very colorful, so I find it challenging and exciting to try to capture the beautiful subtlety of the dormant winter landscape while also “pushing” the color a bit to evoke colors past and future in the landscape’s life cycle.


"Bleak Midwinter Ohio" by artist Sue Martin

“Bleak Midwinter Ohio” by artist Sue Martin


My series often are about memory and the things that trigger memory – a certain flower, a smell, a place, or a memento. I’m intrigued by memory because my father had dementia and struggled with remembering words, even his name.

But when shown a photograph or some sort of memento, he could often recall many details from the past. I wonder if/when my memory fails, if the painting of my memories and stories will somehow help preserve them for me.


"Remembering" by artist Sue Martin

“Remembering” by artist Sue Martin


Just as memories and stories are layered from generation to generation, I often create compositions using Photoshop to layer photographs in a way that creates a push-pull between present and past. Then I paint the image with layers of transparent, watery acrylic and drawing media, followed by layers of more opaque acrylic in some areas.

I hadn’t painted since high school when, in 1997, I decided to take an art class. My kids were almost grown. My career as a public relations pro was drawing to a close. And I was self-employed with some time to spare.


"For Every Shell A Memory" by artist Sue Martin

“For Every Shell A Memory” by artist Sue Martin


Then, after my mother died in 2007, I was struck by how short life is and decided it was time to get serious about my art. I joined an artist co-op gallery in Salt Lake City and began selling my work. Then, in 2009, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Art program at the University of Utah. Since I already had two degrees (B.A., and M.A., in Theatre), all the basic class credits transferred and I took just art classes, one or two at a time, until I finally received my B.F.A. degree in December 2012.


"Flower Child" by artist Sue Martin, 30"  x  30"

“Flower Child” by artist Sue Martin, 30″ x 30″


My goals are to: 1) Continue improving the quality of my work; 2) Develop 3-5 day workshops to offer in various parts of the country; 3) Find one or more additional galleries that can accommodate my larger (36” – 48”) works.


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  1. Great profile of a persistent, talented and creative artist!

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for profiling my work. And thank you, Ruth, for your kind comment!

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