Featured Artist Ulviyya Hamzayeva

Azerbaijani artist Ulviyya Hamzayeva presents her richly detailed portfolio of paintings. See more of her work by visiting her website.



“Avesta” 77 x 54 cm, Gouache on Paper


Ulviyya Hamzayeva was born in Nakhchivan, one of the beautiful and ancient cities of Azerbaijan, full of old traditions and myths, where her ancestors lived.


Lost Heaven

“Lost Heaven” 92 x 70 cm, Oil on Canvas


People living in Nakhchivan are noble and proud like their high and snowy mountains. Great architects, musicians, painters, and wise commanders lived and created in this noble and holy land. As a painter today, she credits the great beauty of nature, clean fragrant air, her parents and the good people in her life.


Mystical Egypt

“Mystical Egypt” 46 x 40 cm, Gouache on Paper


Going to sleep at night, waiting for the morning. She dreams, and hurries to recall it on a piece of paper or canvas.


Self Portrait

“Self-portrait” 100 x 80 cm, Oil on Canvas


“There is no void in my works, mind, wishes – the space is filled by my ‘void,’ she says, “Details, characters, fragments, patterns, semiotics, a mystical language, the sound coming from the sky – this is my ‘void.’ Symbols, language of patterns, colors, music – this is me, this is mine, this is in me….”


Parallel Life

“Parallel Life” 145 x 90 cm, Oil on Canvas


Defining the genre of Ulviyya Hamzayeva’s paintings is not easy. She writes with gouache and oil on canvas. At first glance, her paintings appear to be modern allegories, where seeing the image is not enough. It must also be comprehended.


Space and Time

“Space and Time” 30 x 21 cm, Gouache on Paper


At the same time, her work has a deep connection with the ancient traditions of Azerbaijani art. Resembling the patterns of carpets and miniatures and ancient petroglyphs, her paintings seem to revive the fantastic characters of ancient legends and tales.


Nakhchivan - The Cradle of Humankind

“Nakhchivan – The Cradle of Humankind” 140 x 110 cm, Oil on Canvas


Notice the ancient symbolism “woven” into the her modern graphic techniques, reflecting her  vision of the historical accuracy in her modern copyrighted images. Her “philosophical paintings” have triggered a lot of interest and earned her a large audience of followers.

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