Featured Artist Kevin Ellison

Photographer Kevin Ellison presents his portfolio of stunning panoramic landscapes. See more of his work by visiting his website.


Clear Blue Morning at the Jefferson Memorial

“Clear Blue Morning at the Jefferson Memorial” by photographer Kevin Ellison


Like so many photographers before me, my first real experience using a camera was in high school. It was Photography 101 and the camera was a Pentax Super Program. Back then I mostly was shooting Kodak Tri-X film with the occasional trial of Kodak T-Max. Once I had developed the film I was always drawn to looking at the details of the image. The parts that you might not have noticed when you first took the shot.


The Bridge to Nowhere

“The Bridge to Nowhere” by photographer Kevin Ellison


During college I didn’t do much with photography. It wasn’t until after college that I really picked it up again. I had shot panoramic photographs in high school – taking multiple shots of a scene and splicing the prints together. When I found out I could do this with a digital camera my skills really started to grow.


Pink Cherry Blossom Sunrise

“Pink Cherry Blossom Sunrise” by photographer Kevin Ellison


I’ve progressed now into shooting stitched high dynamic range (HDR) photographs. This involves shooting a scene in multiple sections. Each section being shot as a bracket of different exposures. The resulting image is of a higher resolution and more detailed than one normally shot with a full frame digital SLR. By shooting the bracket of exposures and combining the resulting images together I’m able to capture a wider dynamic range of the scene then I’d normally be able to capture.


Rolling Clouds

“Rolling Clouds” by photographer Kevin Ellison


Because of how I process my images, I like to shoot scenes that have lots of fine detail and contrast of light. Since the resulting images are very high resolution, all those fine details are in the final image. This allows me to print my photographs very large and still retain a sharp print.


Repairing the Monument

“Repairing the Monument” by photographer Kevin Ellison


The only downside to shooting photographs like this is the time spent. At times I’ve spent over an hour standing in freezing weather taking all the photographs needed just to create a single image. But taking the photograph is only the start. I can easily spend days and sometimes weeks working on a single image to get everything looking the way I want it to look.


Cherry Blossoms at the Washington National Cathedral

“Cherry Blossoms at the Washington National Cathedral” by photographer Kevin Ellison


I like showing others my photography and getting feedback about my images. I would like to get more exposure so more people can see my work. While the images here are smaller in size, many of the ones on my website you can zoom into and see a lot of detail that you wouldn’t normally notice.


Inner Harbor Sunrise

“Inner Harbor Sunrise” by photographer Kevin Ellison


I really enjoy the fact that I’m constantly learning something new with regard to my photography. My technique for taking photographs and how I process them is constantly improving. I hope that others enjoy seeing my photographs as much as I enjoy creating them.



  1. your photographs are amazing!! your intricate process really shines through…even in this small format! beautiful work!!

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