Featured Artist David M. Kessler

Enjoy the bold and striking artwork of painter David M. Kessler. See more from this talented artist by visiting his website.


Evening Excursion

“Evening Excursion” 48″ x 48″ Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


Big Paint; Big Brushes; Stay Loose; Let Go; No Fear; Paint Out Loud!


Exuberant 2

“Exuberant 2″ 36″ x 48” Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


I paint out loud with bold colors, expressive brushwork, large shapes, very little detail, and more often than not, large canvases. I attack the painting and let it know who is boss. I take control using large amounts of thick paint applied with large brushes (3-4 inches wide).


Modern Jazz

“Modern Jazz 2″ 40″ x 30” Arcylic on gallery wrapped canvas


I work quickly and spontaneously before my analytical mind has an opportunity to catch up and interfere with my progress. Analysis comes only after spontaneity is exhausted. I remain loose and follow the painting where it leads. I respond quickly working and reworking as the composition develops and the colors begin talking to each other. I am now open to all possibilities, I’m in the zone and my mind is like a sponge soaking up the experience of it all. This approach to painting results in purity of self-expression.


Spring Green

“Spring Green” 60″ x 48″ Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


To paint with such enthusiasm and passion you have to be free of fear. You can’t fear letting yourself go; you can’t fear what others will think; you can’t fear bold color choices; you can’t fear the unknown; and most of all you can’t fear failure. You must trust yourself and your abilities.


Artist David M. Kessler

Artist David M. Kessler in the studio


When I begin a painting I don’t plan anything, and I have no idea what will happen or where my actions will lead. I do know that by relying on my instincts, decades of experience, and the design elements (line, shape, value, color and texture) I will find my way and hopefully discover something new. Much like riding a bike or a motorcycle, it is all about the journey – the destination is of little consequence. It is the journey through the process of painting where discoveries are made, expression is released, and your voice is developed.



“Turbulence” 48″ x 36″ Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


My painting process is messy because I am searching, looking, feeling, scraping, layering, pushing and pulling paint in hopes that I will reveal something to myself (and others) through the process. The process of making my work is honest, raw and direct and shows itself on the canvas. It is all placed there for you so see with no trickery or hidden truths of any kind.


Midnight in the Garden

“Midnight in the Garden” 30″ x 30″


Drips reveal the effects of gravity on thinned paint; thick paint is often scraped to reveal colors below; there are layered changes in color and value; you can trace the movement of the hand and brush; you feel the splatters of paint. Everyone who sees my work can vicariously experience the process by which it was created. This directness of expression keeps the work alive and animated even when complete, and forges a connection between the viewer, the artist and the work.


Out of Darkness

“Out of Darkness” 60″ x 48″ Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


Big Paint; Big Brushes; Stay Loose; Let Go; No Fear; Paint Out Loud!


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  1. Yay David! I enjoy your work and your writing–good job. I also like your triptych with 3 different sized canvases, which must offer you great potential! Do you regularly put your new stuff into multi-panel arrangements just to see? Or perhaps you paint triptychs as triptychs?

    Do you ever film yourself at work? I did visit your website and blog and saw the process photos for “Faith, Hope and Love 3”.


    • James, Thanks for the kind words. The multi-panel triptych you refer to is actually 3 paintings in a series. I often work in series based on color ideas.

      To date I have not done any videos, only photos showing my process. One of these days maybe I’ll develop a video or series of videos.


  2. beautiful, bold and straight to the point painting david!

  3. Fantastic art work, I love abstracts. Continued success.

  4. Clyde, I appreciate that very much!

  5. David – I love your work!!!!!

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