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Story in the Chambers

“Story in the Chambers” 28″ x 22″ Oil on canvas


Currently I am working on a few pieces where I try to harmonize the relationship between traditional shapes, objects, and themes with colors, textures, and more contemporary ways of expressions which will bring the emotional and the logical part of the painting to unite.


Blossoming Tree in the Garden

“Blossoming Tree in the Garden” 18″ x 24″ Oil on canvas


The long period of my training in classical and traditional painting, plus the accumulated practice and results in the last twenty years, allow me to believe that this is possible. I use figures as my main objects, but I put them in an abstract surrounding, dynamic textures, and pulsating colors.


Shadows and Lights in Kyoto

“Shadows and Lights in Kyoto” 18″ x 22″ Oil on canvas


I try to find the best composition and balance between the obviously opposite very realistic and imaginary ornamental, and to create one whole piece.


The Samaritan Woman at the Well

“The Samaritan Woman at the Well” 22″ x 28″ Oil on canvas


The color in my paintings is a main tool. Understanding its chemistry, and the way that it interferes with building the whole picture is a leading way of constructing my art. To balance the color is not an easy task. Experience and knowledge help, but are not enough. The artist’s inner sense makes the game of colors to be exceptional, stunning, extraordinary.


Dusk at a Bamboo Grove

“Dusk at a Bamboo Grove” 24″ x 24″ Oil on canvas


In my art I am tuned to the inspiring and beautiful side of the world. The paintings that I create interact positively with people and people’s most common environment – nature, home, work place, etc.



“Cypresses” 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas


The relations among humans, and their relations with nature provide enough source of inspiration for me as an artist: the human body, the light falling over a woman’s shoulder or face, a blossoming tree, a piece of an interesting fabric, an intriguing part of a neighborhood, a sunset, the yellow dry grass in summer, etc. Simple objects from our everyday life may strike a perfect inspiration if you are able to “see” it.


The Spring is Coming

“The Spring is Coming” 22″ x 28″ Oil on canvas


A goal of my work has always been my personal language of expression to resonate with the viewers and to leave not only a long lasting impression, but also a sense of spiritual enrichment.


The Argentinean Tango Teacher

“The Argentinean Tango Teacher” 20″ x 16″ Oil on canvas


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