Featured Artist Jordi Pedrola

Enjoy the compelling portfolio of Catalonian painter Jordi Pedrola and see more about this talented artist by visiting his website.


Grandioso Performing

“Grandioso Performing” Oil on canvas, 32″ x 58″, (81 x 147.5 cm)


I work with a diversity of sizes and shapes. In my childhood, I always took wooden left overs from my father’s cabinetry to paint on.



“Aloma”, oil on canvas 30″ x 24″, (76 x 61 cm)


What are your goals?  My aim is to make a service in satisfying the emotional potential in people around me.


Northern Wind

“Northern Wind” Oil on canvas, 38″ x 57″ (96.5 x 145.5 cm)


What are you working on now? I’m currently working in a large commissioned work (portraits of several horses) and in a solo exhibit about Sephardi heritage.


We Find No Words

“We Find No Words” Encaustic 24″ x 20″ (61 x 51 cm)


What inspires you?  Music, visual poetry, powerful landscapes and natural effects, and spiritual myths.



“Mejorano” Oil on canvas, 39″ x 32″ (99 x 81cm)


What techniques do you use in your work?  Traditional handmade techniques using Linseed oil on canvas, Egg tempera on panel and Encaustic wax on wood. My paper work combines acrylic and oil as well.


Michigan Winds

“Michigan Winds” Oil on canvas, 16″ x 47 1/4″ (40 x 120 cm)


The results that I get are a large variety of colors, textures, brush strokes, rhythms to express energy and contrasted balance.



  1. Jordi’s art is inspiring and captivating. It is a dashing and necessary addition to any home decor!

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