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Artist Carole Raschella shares her masterful portfolio, and discusses the very nature of drawing. Read more about this talented artist by visiting her website.


Painting in Pencil

“Painting In Pencil” graphite on paper, 12″ x 12″


Because I was born and raised in a small English town, my only exposure to art education was in grade school. But as it turned out, I didn’t need it. My father had a friend who worked as a professional illustrator, which to my five-year-old mind, put him up there next to God, especially when he gave me the only instruction I would ever need.



“Howard” graphite on paper, 11″ x 14″, drawn to celebrate the subject’s 90th birthday.


Glancing over my shoulder, he complimented my drawings, then made the comment that changed everything. Taking my pencil, he outlined a simple oval egg, added a little shading, and said, “There are no lines in nature.” He proceeded to redraw the egg, using the same shading but eliminating the lines, and suddenly a perfect, softly rounded egg appeared. I still have the scrap of paper with his quick renditions.


Michael & Luke 1

“Michael & Luke 1″ graphite on paper, 9″ x 12”. Older brother at age 6.


It represents the full extent of my art education and to me, is worth all the classes, all the instruction and all the years of a full art curriculum. It’s my only guiding rule. Everything is light and shadow. There are no lines.


Michael & Luke 2

“Michael & Luke 2″ graphite on paper, 11″ x 14”. Older brother at age 12.


Beyond technique, there is only one essential requirement, and that is the ability to see, which is not nearly as easy as it sounds. The brain invents its own simple shortcuts which the artist must bypass in order to capture the reality of nature.


My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

“My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys” graphite on paper, 10″ x 13″


For example, the eye is not a flat collection of lines and circles surrounded by lashes. It is a round ball exposed to the light from the shadows of the socket in which it floats. Leaves are not merely a series of geometric patterns varied only by type.


Last of the Mountain Men

“Last of the Mountain Men” graphite on paper, 11″ x 14″


They are shapes created by the negative space around them, in the same way the top strands of hair are defined by the darker layers behind them.


The Vigil

“The Vigil” graphite on paper, 11″ x 14″


Once your eyes have been trained to see, your options are limitless. With only a pencil, you are able to create any form or shape in nature. Can you draw a cat? Of course. A cat is light and shadow. A dog is light and shadow. A tree is light and shadow.



“Premonition” graphite on paper, 2″ x 5″


Color is everywhere and can be so intense that it seems to vibrate. For the artist, it introduces more options, and in some ways, makes the work easier. A simple contrast in color can define and separate shapes, make them recede or approach and add or take away warmth, all of which, in black and white art, can only be achieved with light and shadow. It’s a challenge I look forward to every time I start a new project.


Brooklyn & Braden

“Brooklyn & Braden” graphite on paper, 11″ x 14″


Drawing is not just a path to painting. Drawing is art all on its own, using a pencil for a brush and paper for canvas. Drawing is painting in pencil.


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  1. fabulous work and very interesting article

  2. Wonderful to know some of the details of your life. I agree, it’s all about seeing isn’t it. You are truly gifted.

  3. That’s a fantastic article, Raschella. I love your drawings, you must visit Spain and do my portrait one of these years 🙂

  4. James mandel says

    Everyday I look with pleasure and fascination at Carole’s “Painting in Pencil.” I am forever grateful that I met Carole and bought her work.

    • And I’m so glad you did. You may recall that I said it wasn’t for sale, but after we talked a while, I realized it was going to a perfect home. I think of you every time i see Boris!

  5. Carol Hamilton says

    Right – train your eye. Hmmm-m-m – NOPE! Talent isn’t that easily explained – or created!!!! You HAVE it – most of us DON’T!!!!
    WONDERFUL drawings!!!!!

  6. Excellent examples of your talent, Carole!

  7. Marie Chodkowski says

    Carole, you are such a talented artist. My hat’s off to you.

  8. Loma Clark says

    You will always be my favorite artist, I love your work and always have. Sometimes it takes my breath away to think a hand can do so much with so little.

  9. Well said…I am always telling people how important it is to learn to draw from life…learning to see!! Beautiful, beautiful artwork!!

  10. Corinne says

    Your work is masterful. Reminds me of my first art teacher in college who made us draw blindfolded.
    He would have praised your work.

  11. These are great and the level of detail is amazing. I love the first one, “Painting in pencil.”

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