Featured Artist Lois Cuniff

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“Hovering”, photograph by Lois Cunniff


I am a self-taught photographer, and completely loving my journey. I am artistic by nature, and highly visual, so photography came very naturally to me.



“Simplicity” photograph by Lois Cunniff


I love the freedom that photography gives me to explore the world around me. I became interested in photography as part of my pet care business, and found out by accident that I have a good eye for it. As time went on I developed an interest in photographing cityscapes, landscapes, and seascapes.


Better Days

“Better days” photograph by Lois Cunniff


I grew up vacationing at different spots along the New England coast, so I am naturally drawn there; I think the Maine coastline is the most beautiful coastline in this country. Maine is always the first place I head when I need a quick getaway; it always feels like home.


Bell in Hand

“Bell In Hand” photograph by Lois Cunniff


The thing I love most about photography is I am constantly learning and growing. My new obsession is night photography. Boston is a beautiful city, and has a whole new look at night. I love to shoot long exposures, which creates the long streaking effect of car lights so beautifully. There are many overpasses that have Boston in the backdrop as traffic steams by.



“Divergence” photograph by Lois Cunniff


The biggest obstacle to a great city shot is the annoying chain-link fence they put in for safety, sigh… I recently learned a way to shoot through the fence in a way that the camera ignores the fence, and  still allows me to create  the streaming light effect. Sometimes a fence can be an artistic part of the photo, but often I wish it wasn’t there, so I am pretty excited that I learned a way to work around it.


Little Italy

“Little Italy” photograph by Lois Cunniff


I endure some strange looks and occasional comments as I stand in the dark waiting for my camera to capture the scene. Long exposures take a little time for the camera to process, and it must look especially odd when I shoot on a cold winter’s night.


Tobin Sky

“Tobin Sky” photograph by Lois Cunniff


I am learning to just ignore the looks for the sake of my art. My goal with my photography is to somehow become independently wealthy, so I can travel around capturing the beautiful cities of the world at night.


Fan Pier

“Fan Pier” photograph by Lois Cunniff


Short of that, my goal is to capture Boston and New England the best way I know how.


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