Featured Artist Mauricio Paz Viola

Uruguayan artist Mauricio Paz Viola creates a bold and futuristic portfolio of abstract work. Visit his website for more work by this dynamic artist.


11 Birds

“11 Aves” oil on canvas, glaze, 50 cm x 50 cm


What are your goals?

Similar to many artists, I aspire to be known for my work, not only to representatives of the international art scene such as museums, but also to the general public, to the people. I paint with the belief that my style of work can create a secret getaway, leading viewers away from their everyday frustrations and inviting them to create, analyze, dream and dare to be…


Mauricio Paz Viola

The Artist Mauricio Paz Viola with his artwork.


What projects are you working on now?

Since 2011 I have been working on “la Nada en el Vacio” (Nothingness in the Void), a series of contemporary abstract work in which I apply the technique of glazing – superimposing layers of paint on canvas to create abstract images that evoke a surrealistic feel and constructing a type of futuristic, other-worldly landscape.


Aum namah Shivaya

“Aum namah Shivaya,” from Nothingness in the Void series, 100 cm x 70 cm, 2013


The series has been well received by the public, and to me it is gratifying to know that I could transmit feelings, positive sensations and cosmic vibes, if you will, to the viewers through my work.


Tierras Altas de Ergon

“Tierras Altas de Ergon” oil on canvas, glaze, 2012,100 cm x 70 cm


What inspires you?

People are my primary source of inspiration. My hope is to use my paintings to inspire personal and spiritual growth of the viewers, liberating them from everyday existence and welcoming them into a dreamlike world of their own even for just a few moments.



Untitled, oil on canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm, 2014


For me, art and creativity are about sharing, with the public and with the artist himself/herself to create, side-by-side, new forms of expression and of being.


Graine du Ciel

“Graine du Ciel” oil on canvas, 120 cm x 100 cm, 2013


I consider every piece of my work as a mirror that reflects the internal worlds and memories of other times and dimensions experienced by the viewer – a space beyond what is considered “real”, the physical.


La Fecundidad de las Hadas

“La Fecundidad de las Hadas”oil on canvas, glaze, 50 cm x 50 cm, 2013



It gives viewers the freedom to create and recreate new shapes and images according to their own archetypical feelings of other worlds and planes, where they once inhabited in other forms or as a cosmic dust particle, recreating and reminiscing upon sensations and emotions through forms, color, light, energy and vibration as they lay eyes on the paintings.


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