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A New Dawn

“A New Dawn” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


I can only shoot in the dark, when it’s quiet, when I’m alone, usually in the middle of the night, just me and my flower, in my studio, we dance, for hours. And sometimes, on occasion, if I’m very patient, very, very still, my flower will reveal its essence to me, to share, with my friends. This is my love, my passion, my addiction.


Chosen One

“Chosen One” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


Similar to meditation, I can only practice my photography alone, for very long stretches of uninterrupted quiet. When we, my flower and I, drop into the zone, the lights go off, I hold one small light, camera securely positioned on tripod and the music gets turned up.  It often takes days of shooting to get one shot that I’m happy with.


Winter Rose

“Winter Rose” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


This “dance” that I refer to, is like a slow motion trance in which I (literally) hold my breath while the shutter is open, and it is open for a very long time, upwards of 60 seconds at times! I will watch on a large tethered monitor as I carefully re-position a single handheld goose neck halogen light in around the petals of my flower, watching real time the effect on the screen.


Saints and Sinners Party

“Saints and Sinners Party” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


I am totally and blissfully lost as I experience the effect of the light as it weaves its shadows detail through the lens.


Third Eye

“Third Eye” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


This magical process that continues to evolve intrigues me, pulling me deeper into the mysteries of flowers. Ultra long exposures, although extremely challenging, offer amazing opportunities for light, vivid natural color from the inside of the flower itself not normally seen, allows me to actually see “through the flower!” Macro photography provides me with a vehicle for exploring spectacular hidden worlds of natural splendor normally ignored.


Scarlet Ladies

“Scarlet Ladies” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


A depressed painter, after years of trying to find a means of expressing myself yet only failing due to a complete lack of talent – plain and simple, I just had no ability to draw or paint. In my late 50’s I had given up all hope of finding a creative voice in which to express pent-up emotions and vent Bipolar challenges (more on that in my Bio on website). Photography had always been a hobby but who would have known it would become my emotional palette!



“AbunDance” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


In 2000, I started playing around with a small point and shoot, interested in flowers. One flower led to another, to another …



“Bodacious” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


Over the next few years, obsessed with macro, I absorbed everything I could about macro photography and I shot, a lot! I dragged home just about every type of flower and experimented with backdrops, lighting, timing, lenses, cameras, etc.



“Chalice” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


What started with a single flower has blossomed into a full time career. I’ve enjoyed processing my work onto various mediums, including a recent show with very large acrylic panels. It was a big risk for me. They sold out in the first 3 weeks, they were amazing!



“Faith” photograph; acrylic panel, canvas, print (size varies)


I post regularly on my Facebook page and include inspiring quotes – they just seem to go well together. I love to interact with my friends, of which I have made many of the years – another blessing of this career. My biggest challenge these days is finding enough time to dance, at night, with my flowers.


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  1. Every one of these works is ineffably exquisite. Congratulations. Well done.

  2. Hi Louie,
    You have captured the magic of sitting up late at night waiting and watching for a cactus to open and reveal its true beauty….and at the same time reminded me of a n old memory!

    I like what I see here.

  3. Louie, I truly enjoyed reading about your process, I am trying to accomplish something similar in my painting I spend many hours lost in a trance – as you put it. Reading about your work experience is inspiring and encouraging. Thank you.

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