Featured Artist Carolyn Oberst

Painter Carolyn Oberst presents her colorful abstract portfolio. Enjoy, and visit her website for more from this talented artist.


Across the Universe


Painting is visual poetry.  It can suggest; one can interpret. Although it is the artist’s expression, the viewer, like the reader, decides what it means.


Creamsicle Days


For me, my latest work suggests memories of childhood in an expansive dreamlike space. Past and present mingling together.


Ducks in Flux 7


Early on I was drawn to still life, as objects have emotional power of their own. I started honing in on toys, mostly old, vintage, which suggested to me the idea of moving through time.  They struck a chord, with notes of nostalgia, sadness, fear, and laughter.


Bubbling Up


This subject matter has produced work that is in the service of my interest in, memories of, and reflections on childhood. Our past profoundly affects the present and childhood is the most influential time in one’s life. These works touch on universal themes.


Three Amigos


My goal is to create an emotional connection with the viewer, using the simple and direct means of oil on canvas or paper. It is a non-verbal communication, from my subconscious to theirs that is understood or felt in a deep way.


Ducks in Flux 4


Reactions to this work have been positive. I’ve been told it has a joyful quality, fun and free, dreamlike with beautiful color. Those sorts of reactions allow me to think that my goal is being reached.


Good Day Sunshine


My artwork has been shown in one-person, two-person and group shows in various galleries in New York City and other American cities.  Internationally, I had a major two-person show at the Vit Gallery in Seoul, S. Korea in 2011.


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  1. I love looking at this wonderful work. I want to jump in and fly, swim, float, breathe, a big smile on my face.

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