Featured Artist Darlene Kaplan

Painter Darlene Kaplan presents a lovely portfolio inspired by Asian traditions. See more of her work by visiting her website.


Then There Were Three

“Then There Were Three” brush painting, 14″ x 22″


My passion is creating art. For more than 30 years, I have been creating oriental brush paintings in the Lingnan style which is a combination of Western and East Asian art. This art is created on acid-free rice paper using Chinese water based minerals and ink. The emotions that I experience when creating  my art is from soothing, soft, serene, to strong, and full of energy in every brush stroke. It is like forces pulling against each other (yin & yang).


Blooming Wisteria

“Blooming Wisteria” brush painting, 17″ x 17″


After resigning my medical profession and moving to Virginia, I began my art career. I started out in realism painting with oils and pastels.  While training in martial arts/Tai Chi I became interested in the Oriental style of painting and decided to give it a try. I fell in love with the oriental brush painting style right away and paint only in this style now. My art has evolved over the years. I have had many solo art exhibitions,  many juried group exhibitions, and have won numerous awards. My art graces many homes and offices sold to private and corporate art collectors worldwide.


Me and the Bees

“Me and the Bees” brush painting, 13″ x 27″


Currently I am preparing for a solo art exhibition in the fall of 2015 at River Farm, Alexandria, Virginia. Close to 100 nature-inspired paintings will be displayed.  The subjects will range from the simple single flower to the big bold peacock. As an artist, I try to show purity in painting the snow, brightness in the moon, fragrance in the flower, sounds in the waterfall and spirit in animals.


Artist Darlene Kaplan at work in her studio.

Artist Darlene Kaplan at work in her studio.


Nature is my inspiration. The love of this style of art seems very natural to me. I grew up in the country in Tennessee where all of my spare time was spent walking in the woods searching out bugs, plants and anything else that was alive. Those childhood days spent with nature is brought alive every time I put a brushstroke down on paper.


Persimmon Tree

“Persimmon Tree” brush painting, 14″ x 13″


As a result of teaching weekly classes and workshops, I create many oriental paintings a month. The first thing that I express to my students is that they will notice nature as never before. They will actually see a bird, flower, or insect. I can teach how to hold a brush, make a beautiful stroke but nature will be their best teacher. That has held true for me as a student over the years.


Hummingbirds in Morning Glories

“Hummingbirds in Morning Glories” brush painting, 25″ x 18″


My goal as an artist is to share my art through my creative expressions with art lovers/collectors worldwide. To foster and encourage an appreciation of oriental brush painting and the techniques used in this form. Being President of the local chapter Sumi-e Society of DC, VA, and MD allows me the opportunity to reach those goals.


Red-Crested Cardinal

“Red-Crested Cardinal” brush painting, 23″ x 13″


Author of two books “Nature’s Journey” and “Tranquility in Motion”.  These books are images of some of my art.


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