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“Bella” acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 48″


Since I can remember, I have always been attracted to art and dreamed of being an artist.  It seems that life has taken me in every direction but art until in my late thirties. At that time I decided I was going to put my art first, no matter the price I had to pay, I was even ready to starve if I had to!


Magical World

“Magical World” acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 96″


Luckily, I never got to that point. Quite the opposite in fact. They say if you do what you are supposed to do in life, success will come with it. It was totally true in my case. I attended Bishop’s University for a certificate in Fine Art and it took me about three years to find myself as an artist. Working long hours, trying different kinds of mediums and styles. Reading all I could find about art, biographies of great artists, attending exhibitions, visiting Museums. It was paradise. I had been waiting for this for a long time.


Artist Doris Savard in her studio.

Artist Doris Savard in her studio.


I finally found my voice as an artist and I knew it was gallery quality work, so I send my portfolio to a gallery and they invited me to bring in my work. While I was talking to the owner, a client wanted to purchase one of my paintings, but we didn’t even have a price list established! They took me that day, and the client returned the next day to buy the painting. I came out of the gallery that day crying, I couldn’t believe it was happening and so fast!



“Nirvana” acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 48″


All this started in 1999, and after that first gallery in 2002 other galleries have contacted me throughout Canada and recently in the US. I have been living my dream ever since.



“Colorworld” acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 40″ x 72″


My technique is a mix of different mediums. I use acrylic, collage, oil stick, charcoal and anything I can find that pleases my creativity. I try to work mostly with the right side of my brain (automatic) so thinking as less as possible (thinking is used by the left side of your brain, the rational side). I really rely on my intuition.


Fleurs de Pluie

“Fleurs de Pluie” acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 48″


Only at the end will I use my rational side to check on the composition and harmony of the painting. It requires a lot of courage, because it’s like jumping without a safety net and can be quite stressful at times, but when it works it’s just so rewarding.


Field of Dreams

“Field of Dreams” acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 48″


Here is my artist statement, which says it all:

Like Matisse who has always been my greatest inspiration, I choose to send positive vibes through my work. I want my art to be a refreshing, positive pause from all the negativity we see and hear everywhere.



“Enchantement” acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 56″ x 76″


Colours are what drive me. I love them! I use a lot of red in my work. Red is life itself, energy. Even though I am constantly concerned with composition and harmony, energy, spontaneity, sensuality and passion are emotions which are omnipresent in my paintings. Between the agony and the ecstasy of the creative process, I give it my all. I paint from within which allows me to fully express my own true colours.”

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  1. Doris, thank you for being you! I feel a kindred spirit in you. You have inspired me to go deeper into finding my own voice as an artist. Your work is energizing.

    Artsy Shark: thank you for posting this article.

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