Art Studio Visit: What’s Your Creative Inspiration?

Join us on a studio tour, where we asked our artist friends, “What inspires you? How do you express your creativity through your art?”


Tracey Creighton

Tracey Creighton:  I love to create bold works of art with oils, acrylic and mixed medium. Through my exploration of techniques I paint in impressionistic, abstract and contemporary styles.

Peter Van Giesen

Peter Van GiesenDoing art is a spiritual work, an exercise of creativity. Sporadic surges of energy drive my creations depicting the interplay between darkness and light, the interconnected aura of the world.

Marianne Hornbuckle

Marianne HornbuckleI am simply awed by the beautiful mystery and complexity I experience in the world, and try to express the feelings through abstract multi-layered paintings and figurative bronze sculpture.

Arna Baartz

Arna BaartzIt’s the sparkles in the air and the energy that fires a path through the body, connecting us all. I am inspired to create from deep, itchy feelings of LOVE!

Chris Cox

Chris CoxI’m inspired by the aging stone in walls, buildings, bridges and other eroding objects. I see beauty in the aging stone structures and try to convey that in my paintings.

Sean Carney

Sean CarneyI enjoy the elements that construct the artwork and relish in the process.  My recent works on wood are done using only wood stain and a dremel. 

Gabrielle Shannon

Gabrielle ShannonThere is tangible, recognizable connective tissue that connects my work. From the vastness of the cosmos to the intricate branching patterns within each of our life-giving cells, to the primordial spirals and organic structures and flow of nature.

Anitra Frazier

Anitra FrazierMy passion for detail, sense of humor, and fascination of facial expressions fuel my drive to create.

Guy Brock

Guy BrockMy art is a spiritual experience, the creation of scriptural-based pieces by leveraging the power of visual color, space and form while correlating biblical scripture that inspires self.

Cindy McLean

Cindy McLean:  What inspires me is capturing the beauty of the now by taking some photos and making a quick sketch to express the color, light and composition and later create a work of art. 

Chad Keith

Chad KeithI am inspired by the attitude and feelings of the subject of which I am drawing.  I am driven by the outcome of thoughts and emotions from the individuals receiving their personalized sketch.

Sandra L. Ford

Sandy L. FordMy “No Signature Required” style is a complicated process involving both the math ratio of 1:1.618 (PHI) and allowing the colors and movement to dance to their own tempo.

Willliam Preston

William PrestonWisdom consists partly in not pretending anymore…now that we are old let us have the confidence to speak simply and let the ink and brush carry us.

Robert Catapano

Robert CatapanoI am really inspired by the human form, its facial gestures, and expressions. That is where my work begins. I then use only what is necessary to compose the piece.

Helen Kagan

Helen KaganI believe that art heals. My “Healing Arts” is my unique way to integrate fine art and the art of healing, to enhance well-being in a viewer.

Joanne Perkins

Joanne PerkinsI had a nomadic childhood travelling around Europe – it was a lifestyle that I loved and seeing so many beautiful places inspired me to paint and continues to do so to this day. 

Holly Savas

Holly SavasMy newest mixed media collages draw inspiration from landscapes and cityscapes in my home base of San Francisco, as well as past experiences living in Spain, Portugal and New York City.

Robin Feld

Robin FeldI value the process… the risk-taking, energy, time spent reflecting on where a painting needs to “go” next.  Through making art I feel like more of an active participant in the world.

Lynn Payne

Lynn PayneComposition attracts me to create. A well trained sense of color guides me, whether man made or natural objects, and carries over to every aspect of my life.

Kent Epler

Kent EplerI love to challenge myself, every day. I like to design myself into a corner. The excitement of solving the design equation keeps my creative energy flowing. 

Pepper Hume

Pepper HumeAfter a long career designing costumes in theatre, making One-Of-A-Kind art dolls allows me to create my own actors and present each at a specific moment in time, doing something, aware, and usually expressing an opinion.

Nancy Neill

Nancy NeillI paint on clear mylar in reverse, with the finished side being the side of the mylar I have not directly painted on. The smooth and reflective mylar provides a serene yet energetic and saturated surface.

Cherilyn SunRidge

Cherilyn SunRidgeMaking allusions to a concept is creative fun for me, be it metaphoric or literal, my mythology or yours, the inspiration is in giving color and form to a philosophy.

Theresa Boisclair

Therese BoisclairMy inspiration is the emotion of the moment. Of the boldness of the acrylic and the fragility of the paper emerge luminous abstract landscapes that inspire us in the maze of our own imagination.

Sabina D'Antonio

Sabina D’Antonio: My inspiration comes from the raw beauty Mother Nature creates over time, which is best represented when working with my hands.

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  1. Carolyn,

    I would love to see more variety of artists beyond those that paint, similar to Pepper Hume and Kent Epler.

    I love stepping into their studios for a virtual visit. Thanks for sharing.



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