Featured Artist Laura Bethmann

Become immersed in Laura Bethmann’s beautifully detailed, larger than life watercolors of botanicals and flowers. Visit her website to see more.


Morning Moon-Pear Blossoms

“Morning Moon-Pear Blossoms” Watercolor, 26″ x 41″


You know when you’ve experienced Beauty. It’s a feeling first and then, a split second later you think, “That’s beautiful.” This intuitive, visceral experience is essential to our well-being and it’s how I choose my subjects.


Night Into Day-Tulips

“Night Into Day-Tulips” Watercolor, 26″ x 41″


I take photos and make sketches of flowering plants in my garden and in many public and private gardens.  When choosing what to create into a painting I trust an inner feeling – like a little “rush” – that tells me “this is the one.”


Living Connection - Popppies

“Living Connection-Poppies” Watercolor, 42″ x 26″


I have to love the subject I’ve chosen, because I’ll be devoting 100-200 hours of my life painting it!


Perfect Knowledge-Peonies

“Perfect Knowledge-Peonies” Watercolor, 30″ x 18″


My watercolor paintings depict nature and the huge generosity of life. I focus on flowers because they are fundamental manifestations of growth and universal symbols of beauty. To emphasize this, I enlarge them up to ten times their size.


Generosity of Life-Daylilies

“Generosity of Life-Daylilies” Watercolor, 22″ x 30″


The moons that appear in this series portray constancy; earth’s moon stabilizes the earth on its axis and is responsible for creating the seasons.


Four Moons in the Garden-Sweet Woodruff

“Four Moons in the Garden-Sweet Woodruff” Watercolor, 22″ x 30″


My aim is to pose a shift in the viewer’s perspective showing that earth and sky are one, and how nearly unbelievable the beauty and mystery of nature can seem when we isolate a portion of it or take it out of ordinary context.


Going Deep

“Going Deep” Watercolor, 12″ x 9″


I paint primarily with Winsor & Newton watercolors on Arches paper. I also create nature prints (an ancient technique), have had two books published about nature printing, and I teach workshops.


Moons in Mind-Tiger Lilies

“Moons in Mind-Tiger Lilies” Watercolor, 42″ x 26″


In 2014, I was chosen by Monmouth Museum for their annual New Jersey Emerging Artist Series and had my first solo exhibit at the museum.


L.Bethmann working in her studio

L.Bethmann working in her studio


My next series concentrates on intimate views of a few carefully selected North American trees, and the growth and changes they go through during the course of one year.



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