Featured Artist Jaynie Crimmins

Enjoy the meticulously created paper sculptures of Jaynie Crimmins, made from shredded household mail and hand sewn together. To see more of her amazing portfolio, visit her website.


External Factor 2

“External Factor 2″ Shredded Household Mail, Thread over Armature, 8″ x 8″ x 7”


Different entities drive my practice as an artist such as my Eastern European grandmother, examining what many overlook, my personal behavior and fragile marine ecosystems. These various influences are all wrapped up in the work I create from my shredded household mail.


Manifold 6

“Manifold 6″ Shredded Household Mail, Thread over Armature Mounted on Cradleboard, 6″ x 6″ x 8”


My grandmother crocheted rugs from strips of rags. Using my shredded mail as an art medium and sewing it together pays tribute to her thriftiness and attention to her craft. The rugs she crocheted were decorative, while each garment fragment held a personal history of our family.


Totem 2

“Totem 2” Shredded Household Mail, Thread over Armature, 5″6″H x varying widths and depths


Most of the mail I use is generally disregarded and considered junk – yet this shredded detritus has inspired me to find both beauty and meaning in its appearance and content. Each piece of mail tells a story about why it is being mailed to me.


External Factor 1

“External Factor 1″ Shredded Household Mail, Thread over Armature, 8″ x 8″ 7”


The goal of my work is to explore how my mail reflects who I am and how I live my life. Catalogs, solicitations, letters, financial statements are all mailed to me because I have consumed, supported or expressed interest in an object, service, cause or belief.


Totemette 1

“Totemette 1” Shredded Household Mail, Thread over Two Coffee Cups, 12″H x varying widths and depths


Sewing my shredded mail together allows the materials to lead me into a meditative process. My pieces reflect the form and function of marine ecosystems.


External Factor 3

“External Factor 3″ Shredded Household Mail, Thread over Armature, 12″ x 12″ 9”


The work becomes a home to and a hiding place for my involvement in our culture, much the same way that marine organisms are concealed and live in their physical environment.


Totemette 2

“Totemette 2” Shredded Household Mail, Thread over Armature, 2″H x varying widths and depths


I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I have lived on Long Island, in New York’s Hudson Valley and Atlanta, Georgia. Currently I live in New York City with a studio in Bushwick (Brooklyn, New York). I was a public school art educator for over 20 years while raising my family in the Hudson Valley. I volunteer with Arts in Bushwick’s High School Fellows Program where I assist in providing art mentoring and workshops for High School students in the community.


Manifold 5

“Manifold 5″ Shredded Household Mail, Thread over Armature Mounted on Cradleboard, 6″ x 6” x 8 “


My work is shown in Atlanta and the metro-Atlanta area, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the New York metropolitan area. I am honored to have been selected as an Artsy Shark featured artist.

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  1. Absolutely unique and absolutely wonderful Jaynie!

  2. Yelena Ned says

    Jaynie, your work is gorgeous!!! Reminds me of flowers in Autumn garden, delicately covered in first crispy snow. Very unique!

  3. Thanks Yelena for putting your comments so poetically. Hope to see you soon!

  4. Love the totems,and the eastern European ethos. I feel them, and your work is beautiful.

  5. Absolutely stunning! They look alive! Love the textures and movement….

  6. Alissa Ralston says

    Gorgeous. I wish I could see them in person.

  7. Thank you so much Rachel.

  8. Dontae Garcia says

    I find it amazing that someone could take something like shredded house mail, something that most people see as nothing else other than junk, and turn it into art that is colorful as well as awe inspiring. One thing that I see is a sort of maze like affect and I find it very interesting to look at.

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