Featured Artist Ashba Zulfiqar

Enjoy the translucent, stylistic and emotional watercolor portraits of Ashba Zulfiqar. To see more of her expressive paintings, please visit her website.


Questions To The Moon

“Questions To The Moon” Watercolors/Pen, 12″ x 17″


I started creating art with devotion in 2009, during my senior year in high school.  I began by practicing photorealism to master technical skills such as proportions, values, and detail work. I grew fond of drawing in pencil. I then started using other mediums, like pastels, acrylics, colored pencils, and watercolors. I enjoyed all these mediums in creating photo realistic artwork.  After mastering those skills, I felt confident to explore creating my own style of work.



“Blinding” Watercolors/Markers, 6″ x 8″


My love for watercolors truly began in 2012, when I started to use them loosely, with more water and less pigment.



“Potion” Watercolors, 14″ x 22″


I was inspired when I saw many artists creating artwork that was derived from their own imagination and not replicated from a photograph. This led me to start exploring the possibilities of creating artwork that was more meaningful and personal. The artwork I felt the strongest connection to were the paintings that had human beings as a subject; I always was drawn to those more.



“Figment” Watercolors/Pen, 12″ x 17″


That led me to start using the human face repeatedly in my artwork, creating portrait style paintings. I not only enjoyed creating human faces, but capturing emotions in their facial features. I was heavily inspired by written word. I started figuring out ways to depict song lyrics and poetry in my work. It was challenging, but when it represented the source I was working from, it was the most rewarding.



“Reflect” Watercolors/Markers, 16″ x 22″


These days I have been exploring combining geometrical shapes with the faces I create using watercolors along with markers and ink.


Star Gaze

“Star Gaze” Watercolors/Pen, 22″ x 16″


My goal as an artist is to create meaningful artwork that reflects the human subconscious and explores surreal concepts. I want to develop a strong unique style of work that still gives me room to experiment with a variety of ideas. I also want to continue to grow and challenge myself technically.


For All I Know

“For All I Know” Watercolors/Markers, 12″ x 17″


Another goal I hope to achieve with each piece I create is to make it memorable – something powerful enough to leave a permanent impression. That once someone sees it they won’t ever forget it. As an artist, that is the most rewarding thing.



“Relief” Watercolors/Pen, 14″ x 22″


I like to keep the titles and descriptions of my work very vague. I have my own reasons and interpretation of each individual piece, and I could explain the exact meaning behind each painting, but I want others to make their own connection to it. I want them to interpret it as something symbolic in their own life, Instead of being told what it is about in mine. Even though I begin the artistic process by focusing on my personal thoughts and experiences, in the end I want everyone else to consider it something personal to them.


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