Featured Artist Cynthia Decker

The digital rendering artwork that North Carolinian Cynthia Decker creates shows wonderfully surreal, improbable and imaginary scenes that tell a story. Please visit her website to see more of her evocative work.



“Equilibrium” Digital Rendering, Various Sizes


I am a digital artist living in Asheville, North Carolina. I use 3D modeling and rendering software to create my images.



“Narcissism” Digital Rendering, Various Sizes


I worked as a graphic designer for many years while making the transition from traditional mediums to doing digital painting and 3D work. I began working exclusively with 3d modeling and rendering in 2002. That same year I had my first solo show of my work, which I believe was the first exhibition of entirely digital artwork in the state.



“Precarious” Digital Rendering, Various Sizes


My artwork is best described, I think, as imaginary realism. I like to create impossible or improbable environments that have familiar textures and evocative moods, often with surreal or fantasy based subjects.



“Marooned” Digital Rendering, Various Sizes


Most of my work has humor, or a bit of a story to tell.


The Bridge Under the Bridge

“The Bridge Under the Bridge” Digital Rendering, Various Sizes


Sometimes it’s my goal to simply show the viewer something and let them tell the story, and sometimes I create work to evoke a specific emotion.


Locked Out

“Locked Out” Digital Rendering, Various Sizes


I always have a story, but I don’t always share it. Oftentimes, I like what other people see in my work more than my original intention for it. I love the subjectivity of art. How it lives in different ways depending on who is looking at it.


Leaf Peepers

“Leaf Peepers” Digital Rendering, Various Sizes


I am inspired by the everyday; by small moments and big ideas. I love working in the digital medium because it lets me take these ideas and present them to you the same way I see them in my head—as places you could walk into and explore.


Sew Tiny

“Sew Tiny” Digital Rendering, Various Sizes


It’s my goal to continue to hone my skills with the digital tools and software I use, because as with any medium, the better I get technically, the better I can communicate artistically. For me, it’s all about being able to communicate — the moment, the place, the feeling, and the idea.


Cynthia Decker invites you to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and FineArtAmerica.


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  1. Love her work! Very captivating. Thought-provoking pieces with excellent execution. Very cool!

  2. Cynthia, your work is fantastic!! I loved each piece! You have a wonderful sense of humor and are a very innovative artist!! I’m a fan!!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful and so entertaining. I say it is pure Epicurean: Art that delights. I wish I could see it up close and get lost into your fantastical world.

  4. I think I’m your biggest fan … always a joy to view your work!!!

  5. Beautiful work, Cynthia!

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