Featured Artist Kevin Cable

Enjoy the power and drama of the black and white photography of Kevin Cable. To see more of his art, please visit his website.


Playin' the Blues

“Playin’ the Blues” Photography, Various Sizes


I began my love of photography in the early seventies as a black and white photographer, utilizing my own darkroom until Photoshop came along.


Kevin Harvick NASCAR

“Kevin Harvick NASCAR” Photography, Various Sizes


As a filmmaker, I began my career as a director and cinematographer, mainly shooting TV commercials and programming. I worked on my fine art photography when time allowed.



“Rhino” Photography, Various Sizes


Today, as a commercial photographer, I work with ad agencies, art directors, and also directly with clients, shooting tabletop, products, models, musicians, autos, racing, nature, food, beverages, people and fine art photography.



“Deadwood” Photography, Various Sizes


A majority of my work is black and white. That’s not to say I don’t have a passion for a great color image!


Moon Bridge

“Moon Bridge” Photography, Various Sizes


I consider most of my work to be in the fine art photography and surreal genres. I am always looking for shots or even creating them in the studio to make them into a piece of art. They may consist of multiple images, use Photoshop manipulation, or just be a simple composition I discovered.



“Flight” Photography, Various Sizes


In black and white there is a zone system that many of the old masters used for film. I myself was schooled in the system and I use that system today. The zone system is used to control image values, making sure that light and dark values are developed and printed or rendered as needed to achieve the final print.


Andretti Racing

“Andretti Racing” Photography, Various Sizes


I also use pre-visualization, which is seeing the final image before it’s taken and manipulated.


Going Pro

“Going Pro” Photography, Various Sizes


I have been a commercial cinematographer and photographer for many years and have shot in multiple studios. I have learned the value of lighting and how to control lighting; it is the main part of any photograph–without light you have no image.


Self Portrait

“Self Portrait” Photography, Various Sizes


That’s not to say composition, depth of field, makeup, props, backgrounds, shutter speed, etc, are not as important.  My years as a director of photography made me see the light!


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