Featured Artist Brian Leonard

Brian Leonards’s amazing Underwater Light Photography captivates the imagination. Visit his website for more of his brilliant photography.


Inner Voice

“Inner Voice” Photograph, Sizes Vary


I am an underwater photographer and filmmaker. A merman by nature, my most exciting body of work was born when I merged my love for photography with my love of water!



“Heliopause” Photography, Sizes Vary


A world of wonder immediately emerged; inviting expanded considerations of possibility and revealing the healing energy inherent in nature, as transmissions of light!



“Solstice” Photography, Sizes Vary


I am completely self-taught and my curiosity and intuitive listening are fundamental aspects of my underwater light photography.



“Butterflies” Photography, Sizes Vary


I am energized by the idea of bringing my underwater light art, as large scale images, into hospitals, healing centers and international hotels. I also have a dream of being able to “transmit” the light of this work on highly visible billboards around the world!



“Orb” Photograph, Sizes Vary


I am continuing to expand the work, as it does seem to have a life of its own. Right now, I am working on a project taking underwater light images from different spring water sites around the United States.


Star System

“Star System” Photography, Sizes Vary


I am creating specific and unique bodies of work from each of these natural springs with the hope of creating a visual record of the essential life energy of each location.


Sheapard Moon

“Shepherd Moon” Photography, Sizes Vary


The dance of sunlight in spring water when witnessed from fifteen feet below the surface is one of the most beautiful things on Earth!



“Memory” Photograph, Sizes Vary


I am inspired by the natural sacred presence of nature and how that energy shows up as direct transmission of light in my work.



“On” Photograph, Sizes Vary


Essentially, my photographs are fingerprints of time as each moment transmits a unique expression of limitless possibility! I never know what might show up next and so I dive back in and invite the spirit of wonder to surprise me.


Traits of Knowing

“Traits of Knowing” Photograph, Sizes Vary


My photographs have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and at social service agencies and wellness centers, including the Austin Art Space Gallery in Austin, Texas; the Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles; and the Amanda Love Healing Center in Austin, Texas.


The Calling

“The Calling” Photograph, Sizes Vary


In addition, my work is in private and corporate collections, including Foster’s Art Installation, Green Living, Heal Healing Center, and SafePlace Women’s Shelter in Austin, Texas.


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