Featured Artist Henry Heading

Artist Henry Heading creates sculptures and boxes, using intricate designs and images. Enjoy his work and see more of his portfolio by visiting his website.


Standing Tall

“Standing Tall 1″ wood and acrylic, 23″ x 17”


I am inspired by everyday life and embrace the use of a wide variety of mediums. I’m best known for the sensitivity in my paintings of women.



“Togetherness” wood and acrylic box


My art is often recognized for its precise attention to details. Not only do I paint, but I also construct one-of-a-kind frames of various woods and metals that are a work of art themselves, enhancing the painting they frame.



“Pyramid” wood and acrylic


I create various size boxes. Some are lined in velvet and embellished with precious woods and gold leaf. One of my boxes was gifted to a Mayor of Japan. I have been honored by my many collectors and their appreciation for my art, and was pleased to meet my youngest collector, who is 13.



“Majestic” wood and acrylic box


Creating art is like breathing for me. I do so daily and appreciate my gift and ability. Perfection drives me as I create each piece. It must be unique. It must stand out, and is not complete until that special quality is achieved in my eyes.


Standing Tall II

“Standing Tall II” wood and acrylic


I also spend time doing commissioned pieces and murals. To create pieces that people love and treasure is my passion. It feels wonderful knowing that something from my heart, created by my hands is in someone’s home, office, place of worship, etc. being valued and appreciated.



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