Featured Artist Eva Currie

Artist Eva Currie’s work has a soft and translucent quality. Visit her website to enjoy more of her artwork.



“Calypso” Watercolor, 9″ x 12″


For some artists, it seems painting runs in the bloodlines of the family. Raised by a watercolor artist, I am no exception to that fact. My mother was a wildlife artist and a perfectionist in her skill. I remember being inspired by my mother even from a small age. She taught me to watch nature with joy and wonder – to be still, observe, and respect the smallest creatures.



“Fantasy” Detail, Watercolor, 9″ x 16″


As I grew, I felt more than anything that my true calling was to create art. After college, I took freelance mural jobs and other miscellaneous paying projects. In between, I aggressively sought adventure exploring and setting sails to the most colorful places, from tropical forests, mountaintops, and glaciers to coral reefs.



“Cocomoday” Oil, 24″ x 30″


I endeavor to capture the sights and sounds of the living world around me with every stroke of my brush as I take it to canvas. It is in nature’s dance that I hear the songs of glory and celebrate with color. These adventures add luminosity and life to each and every one of my paintings. I believe in using color. A painting is not complete unless the color stimulates you long enough to draw you closer to develop an interest.


Sea Bits - One Dollar

“Sea Bits – One Dollar” Watercolor, 4″ x 5″


I learned a lot doing murals and then faux finishes. I soon grew tired of the scaffolding and ladders, so I asked my mother how to use oil paint. She gave me an index card with the mixture and told me to paint at her house while she observed. She’d patiently stand behind me saying, “… dot and blend, wait … wait.” I practiced this method for a couple of years. A few other artists I’ve learned from include Georgia O’Keeffe, for her values and use of color, and Vincent Van Gogh, for his quest to find a way to show beauty in nature through his paintings.


Thru Grace

“Thru Grace” Oil, 30″ x 40″


As far as personal inspiration goes, I have a love for birds and creatures with wings. They fly, they sing, they are rich in color and pattern, and they are almost always everywhere. No other group of animals can say as much for themselves. They have a powerful place in our history and in our cultures; as symbols of freedom, wisdom and spirituality. I try to capture the fluid grace of these animals in my paintings. It’s no wonder everything has wings. I believe there are angels around my head painting with me.


A Higher Place

“A Higher Place” Oil, 20″ x 16″


The idea that art is my escape or that it is my job is nonsense. It has been a gift I should have recognized and believed in long ago. I hope I have enough time on this planet to paint all the things that bring me joy. I want always to encourage or teach this discovery to others.


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