Featured Artist Jenny Nordstrom

Photographer Jenny Nordstrom presents visually compelling images of doorways from around the world. See more artistic portals by visiting her website.


Photography of a metal door in Bangkok, Thailand by Jenny Nordstrom

“Bangkok Funky Metal Door” Photography, Various Sizes


As a photographer, my art is one of discovery.


Photograph of a red lacy door in Murano, Italy by Jenny Nordstrom

“Red Lacy Door, Murano, Italy” Photography, Various Sizes


I am constantly on the hunt for the beautiful, the unusual, the colorful—and I have a particular affinity for images of doors.


Photograph of a door and shopping cart in Reykjavik, Iceland by Jenny Nordstrom

“Minimalist Door and Shopping Cart, Reykjavik, Iceland” Photography, Various Sizes


I am deeply moved by color and texture, which means that sometimes a scene that might be viewed as traditionally “ugly” is just as interesting and compelling to me as one that is more typically beautiful.


Photograph of two doors on Capitol Hill, DC by Jenny Nordstrom

“Two Hills, Capitol Hill, DC” Photography, Various Sizes


My largest body of work focuses on doors.


Photograph of construction in Bogarne, Iceland by Jenny Nordstrom

“Construction, Borgarne, Iceland” Photography, Various Sizes


To me, they represent a huge variety of not only aesthetic choices, but also a reflection of humanity in its many forms. They are the faces that we present to the world, but also symbolic portals to new places and opportunities.


Photograph of a yellow door on a pink building in New Orleans by Jenny Nordstrom

“New Orleans Color” Photography, Various Sizes


I first started capturing these images in 1998 on my honeymoon in Tuscany, Italy. We walked past the most heart-stopping door in a beautiful sienna red color, and suddenly I was entranced.


Photograph of an abandoned Texaco Station by Jenny Nordstrom

“Abandoned Texaco” Photography, Various Sizes


I took a picture, and for the rest of the trip, found myself looking for interesting doors wherever we went.


Photograph of a tattoo parlor door in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida by Jenny Nordstrom

“Tattoo Parlor, Ybor City” Photography, Various Sizes


Thus began a fascination that has lasted over two decades, and an evolving appreciation for not only doors themselves, but the facades that surround them.


Photography of a blue door in Pennsylvania by Jenny Nordstrom

“Pennsylvania Blue Door” Photography, Various Sizes


Because of my joy in discovery, I also consider travel to be integral to my expression as an artist. Every new country I visit offers a unique personality, and I feel it is my calling to find ways to convey that uniqueness to others.


Artist Jenny Nordstrom

Artist Jenny Nordstrom


Whether it is landscapes, architectural elements, or intimate details that many people miss, it is my joy to capture each place that I visit.


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