Featured Artist Edi Matsumoto

Artist Edi Matsumoto presents a collection of female figurative paintings that convey strength, wisdom and spirituality. Visit her website to learn more.


Oil portrait of a bride in front of a stained glass window by Edi Matsumoto

“Bride in Front of the Stained Glass Window” Oil on Canvas, 30” x 48”


On Easter Sunday in 1986, I was visiting Paris. All the museums, restaurants and tourist attractions were closed that day. Out of boredom, I started sketching on the back of my travel itinerary since I did not have any other blank paper. I drew an apartment—a typical five-story building with attics and balconies—that was across from my hotel room. When I finished, I folded the sketch, put it away, and forgot about it.


Portrait of a woman in traditional Japanese garb by Edi Matsumoto

“Oiran” Oil on Canvas, 30” x 48”


I came to the United States and became a nurse. One day I discovered the sketch from Paris, and showed it to my husband. I told him the story about that Easter Sunday in Paris. As I was throwing away my scribble, he stopped me and said, “You cannot throw it away. It is a wonderful drawing. We will frame it, and I think you should go to art school.” As they say, the rest is history.


Oil portrait in black and white of a nude female by Edi Matsumoto

“Nude in Black and White” Oil on Panel, 16” x 20”


The Academy of Art in San Francisco offered online classes for drawing and painting. I took one course per semester for “personal enrichment” while working in a hospital. After seven and a half years, I received my Master’s in Fine Art.


Oil portrait of a blonde woman in traditional Japanese clothing by Edi Matsumoto

“Spring Flower” Oil on Canvas, 30” x 48”


People’s faces and figures are my particular interest. Sometimes, it is the beauty and attractiveness of the face or figure; sometimes, it is another element. It could be the anatomical structure, attitude, outfit, pose or energy.


Portrait of an Indonesian woman named Selamat by Edi Matsumoto

“Selamat” Oil on Canvas, 15” x 30”


It could be the deep wrinkles on leathery skin that make me think of the myriad life stories that the person carries, or a complex facial expression with mixed emotions. When I sense such a unique quality, I am inspired to paint.


Oil portrait of a woman running through the surf by Edi Matsumoto

“La Guerrera 1” Oil on Canvas, 15” x 30”


I am currently focusing on female figures and am planning a show called “Goddesses and Warriors.” The models are from diverse backgrounds: the United States, Japan, the South Pacific and Indonesia.


Oil portrait of a female warrior by Edi Matsumoto

“La Guerrera 2” Oil on Canvas, 15” x 30”


I paint mostly from photographs. Some figures are precisely the way they are in the photographs, and others were transformed into a different space with my imagination. Some have more of a goddess-like quality, and others are more warrior-like. Some have both qualities.


Oil painting of a woman with a Samurai helmet by Edi Matsumoto

“Samurai Gaze” Oil on Canvas, 18” x 14”


I hope to create paintings with a message.


Oil painting of a Geisha Girl by Edi Matsumoto

“Wisteria Girl” Oil on Canvas, 22” x 28”


The “Goddesses and Warriors” figures are created to encourage women to recognize their inner beauty, strength and wisdom, and to stand up and speak up instead of being oppressed and silenced.


Oil painting of a goddess statue by Edi Matsomoto

“White Tara” Oil on Canvas, 30” x 48”


My future projects include those which depict the oneness of the world to relinquish inequality, conflict and separateness and to explore higher consciousness.


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