Featured Artist Julie Powell

Artist Julie Powell uses a light-painting technique to create luminous floral images. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


Photograph of a pink anemone by Julie Powell

“Anemone” Photography, Various Sizes


In 2007 I received a digital camera for Christmas after expressing some interest in photography. I had no idea how to use the camera, so I signed up for a digital photography class.


Close up photograph of a cactus by Julie Powell

“Cactus” Photography, Various Sizes


Our first assignment was to take many photos of subjects in our own yard. Luckily for me, I had numerous beautiful flowers in my garden and so I knew exactly where I would begin.


Flower Photograph of the inside of a poppy by Julie Powell

“Poppy Inside” Photography, Various Sizes


I remember shooting closeups of various plants one afternoon and, as the sun started to set, I didn’t want to stop. I grabbed a few flashlights and kept shooting.


Close up photograph of the inside of a rose by Julie Powell

“Rose 2434” Photography, Various Sizes


I was mesmerized by what I saw through the lens.


Photograph close up of a pink tulip by Julie Powell

“Tulip Pink” Photography, Various Sizes


It didn’t matter if I was shooting a newly-formed bloom of one flower or the aging petals of another. I was so intrigued by how different the plants looked in the dark and how I could accentuate their features by using a “light-painting” technique.


Photography of Caspedia by Julie Powell

“Caspedia” Photography, Various Sizes


After realizing that the wind would cause the flowers to move and that mosquitoes were not my best friends, I decided to take my plants indoors to capture their beauty.


Photography of a red rose by Julie Powell

“Rose 8702” Photography, Various Sizes


Now my photos are taken in the dark and my subjects are “painted” with lights in order to give the viewer a glimpse of something they may have never seen before.


Photography close up of a purple tulip by Julie Powell

“Tulip Purple” Photography, Various Sizes


I do not alter my photos in any way, except for an occasional crop.


Photograph of a sunflower by Julie Powell

“Sunflower” Photography, Various Sizes


All of the colors and blemishes are true to the plants themselves. What I see through the lens is what you see in my images.


Photography close up of 3 yellow tulips by Julie Powell

“Tulips 3” Photography, Various Sizes


I’m pleased when someone tells me that they have never looked at a flower in the same way they do when they view my work.


Photograph of a sunflower by Julie Powell

“Sunflower Yellow” Photography, Various Sizes


It is rewarding to see people stop and really take a look at all these miniature visions of what nature has to offer.


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  1. Absolutely stunning works shown here. I used to do floral macro photography, so these featured works are near and dear to my heart, and a much needed dose of incredible beauty in a time when all seems fraught and nebulously menacing. Thank you for sharing Julie’s work with us, Carolyn. Julie – well done, woman!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. Yes, sometimes we all need to slow down and really take a look at what nature has to offer us. Stay healthy, Deb. This is a very trying time for everyone.

  2. You are so talented and these are so lovely. Your lighting choices are wonderful. Thank you for brightening my day today.

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