Featured Artist Karen Shulman

Artist Karen Shulman presents a collection of fascinating urban photographs that combine reflection and reality. See more of her collection by visiting her website.


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Bergdorf One” photography, various sizes


I create my art as the world reveals itself to me. I take the time to see what is most overlooked and layer a flare of fantasy and abstraction, transforming objects to take on a life of their own. The viewer is invited to enter my world through the portal of my lens. I inspire them to look beyond physical dimensions. See lines, shadows and details and how they interplay to form a unique image.


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Around the World” photography, various sizes


I started my adventure into the art world late in life. I had a career as an occupational therapist for seven years, and was in pharmaceuticals for over thirty years. My job as an associate director of medical education came to a halt in December, 2012 when the company was acquired.


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Let Them Eat Cake” photography, various sizes


I picked up a point-and-shoot camera in 2007. At the time, I was living by the ocean and became mesmerized by the changing light. It was now time to reinvent myself and focus on my new found passion—photography.


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Dancing in the Street” photography, various sizes


I made the commitment to refine my technical skills and learn the basics in photography. Lance Keimig, a renowned night photographer/teacher and one of the founders of NPAN, mentored me. He directed me toward classes and workshops. I enrolled in the Atelier at the Griffin Museum of Photography.  There I dove, headfirst into a twelve-week course focusing on developing a strong portfolio.


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Feathers and Lace” photography, various sizes


Professional photographers Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis also took an interest in my work. They encouraged me to work with art consultant Mary Swanson. I was designing my website, and Swanson helped me define myself as an artist, hone in on my work and stay focused.


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Attitude” photography, various sizes


This was a challenge for me, since I posted every decent image I took from one side of the planet to the other. Narrowing my portfolio down to only five or six portfolios was like throwing away some of my children!


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Queen of the Night” photography, various sizes


I continued to refine my style. Eventually I received recognition for my series titled “Window Dressing.” In 2012, Judith Liegios of JLD in Naples, Florida, who loved this collection, asked me to be one of the gallery artists.


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Chaos” photography, various sizes


I have created over fifty pieces for this collection, and sold forty. I was the featured artist for the interior design magazine East Coast Home and Design, October 2018. And, I have been recently selected as one of five artists featured in the national AARP Bulletin article Artist in Waiting about artists finding creativity post-retirement.


New York City photography by Karen Shulman

“Taxi” photography, various sizes


The first show I entered was Plymouth Art in 2008. There I received 1st place for color photography for my image Storm Cloud. I won Best in Show from South Shore Art Center in 2011 for Stairway to Heaven. I have been published eight times in Still Point Quarterly and received awards in many of the issues. Additionally, I have received awards from many national art societies across the country.


Artist Karen Shulman

Artist Karen Shulman


I live in both in Plymouth, Massachusetts and Fort Myers, Florida and I love my second act. The pull towards a career in art was always there. It lay dormant until the chains of the corporate world were severe—revealing an artist emerging from the dust!


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