Featured Artist Sarah Jean Holt

Enjoy the delightful portfolio of artist Sarah Jean Holt, who creates complex stippled pen and ink drawings. See more of her art on her website.


dinosaur pen and ink drawing by Sarah Jean Holt

“Business T Rex” pen & ink, 16″ x 20″


I grew up in the very average suburbs of a very average time. My childhood was a happy one, filled with crayons and sidewalk chalk. I was always encouraged to be creative, and always supported in my artistic endeavors.


pen and ink drawing of an octopus by Sarah Jean Holt

“Date Night” pen & ink, 16″ x 20″


I did not, however, figure out how deeply important the artistic outlet was to me until my early thirties. It was then that I realized art was where my heart was. It was where my joy and calm resided. I jumped into this beautiful world and haven’t looked back.


pen and ink drawing of a dog by Sarah Jean Holt

“Cirque Du Flea” pen & ink, 20″ x 16″


As a self-taught artist, it was very important to me to create something that could be enjoyed by all. I wanted to share illustrations that tickled the fancy of the public, and produce something that would hang proudly in offices and living rooms.


pen and ink animal drawing by Sarah Jean Holt

“Surf n Turf” pen & ink, 20″ x 16″


I am one of the few artists that find absolute joy in the stipple technique.


Alice in Wonderland themed pen and ink drawing by Sarah Jean Holt

“Curiouser & Curiouser” pen & ink, 11″ x 14″


Stipple, for those who are not familiar with this term, is the use of dots to create an image—it is literally the drawing of one tiny dot at a time.


pen and ink drawing of owls by Sarah Jean Holt

“Why Not” pen & ink, 14″ x 11″


I love this time-intensive, detail-oriented work. The texture and depth never fails to fascinate me. My technique has changed over the years, and I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade, but I’ve never strayed from the use of dots.


figurative pen and ink drawing by Sarah Jean Holt

“Four Elements” pen & ink, 8″ x 44″


My source of inspiration isn’t soul rending or profound. It is simply notions or ideas that pique my sense of humor or a concept that I can spin and twist and play with.


figurative pen and ink drawing by Sarah Jean Holt

“Little Rebels” pen & ink, 20″ x 16″


My subject matter ranges from elegant barn owls to tattooed manatees. I have completed an Alice in Wonderland themed series, a Star Wars tribute and played with Steampunk elements. Most of my work is centered on nature and its animals. I try to convey personality and emotion as well as my own brand of quirky humor.


pen and ink drawing of a whale by Sarah Jean Holt

“Shermann” pen & ink, 14″ x 11″


About a year ago, a sweet woman came to visit my booth at an arts festival. She approached me after spending quite some time looking at my work. Emotional and a bit teary, she asked if she could hug me and said that the world needed more of what I created. She spoke of whimsy and magic and thanked me for my time and what she considered bravery in showing my work.


pen and ink drawing of a turtle by Sarah Jean Holt

“Heinrich” pen & ink, 14″ x 11″


This was the most profound and emotional moment that I have experienced as an artist. I was so completely touched by her reaction. I’ll always remember her words and response to the illustrations I had pour so much of myself into. And I will forever strive to capture the whimsy and the magic that she saw in me.


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  1. Lovely.

  2. Sarah,
    I like your sense of humor and whimsy. We need that in this troubled world we live in now. Your animals are very well drawn. I do paintings of animals in the wild. They are so beautiful and a joy to look at.

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