Featured Artist Alexander Winegardner

Artist Alexander Winegardner explores a fascination with outer space using technology as a creative tool. View more of his collection here.


"Cosmic Storm" digital art made with artificial intelligence

“Cosmic Storm” digital art, 271.09 KB


I am a physicist who has always had a deep sense of artistic and creative passion in my core. My curiosity for the cosmos drives not only my interests in science, but also in how I represent beauty in my artistic creations.


digital painting of a nebula, AI

“Fiery Nebula” digital art, 275.08 KB


I am also very much interested in being at the forefront of technological innovations. With this collection, I explore the use of artificial intelligence to create novel artwork.


Starscape digital art made with AI

“Starscape” digital art, 244.73 KB


However, I am also well aware of possible moral and societal issues that the use of artificial intelligence to create art raises. This is also why I believe it is important to spur conversation and dialogue about this emergent subject which will only become more prevalent over time.


Eye Nebula digital art made with AI

“Eye Nebula” digital art, 212.44 KB


Can AI art be considered real art? Does the machine do everything on its own, or how much of a human influence is there? Will this technology put artists out of business or will it democratize art to billions of people?


Galactic Energy digital art made with AI

“Galactic Energy” digital art, 258.78 KB


I don’t claim to have any right answers, but I am curious to listen to different perspectives. The only thing I can answer for myself is why I have personally enjoyed and found value in this new art form. Mainly, I find an immense pleasure in witnessing the spontaneous generation of art being made from near infinite possibilities collapsing into a single unique outcome.


Cosmic Flares digital art made with AI

“Cosmic Flares” digital art, 240.38 KB


You never quite know what to expect, and something always ends up surprising you. There is a particular nuanced beauty that arises from those surprises, a sense of mystery behind every possible permutation, a feeling of wonder permeating every creation.


Great Cosmic Mist digital art made with AI

“Great Cosmic Mist” digital art, 220.78 KB


It almost leaves you asking: Out of all possible outcomes, why did this very one materialize in front of me while all others remained hidden? What diamonds might there be hiding in the rough, waiting to be discovered? That is the exhilarating adventure that inspires an AI artist.


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  1. Alexander,
    Your space and star like compositions are very interesting. Great colors and designs.

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