Featured Artist Donna Grossman

Florida mosaic artist Donna Grossman creates complex designs with glass and mixed media. See more of her fascinating portfolio by visiting her website.


Mosaic of an underwater scene by Donna Grossman

“Dancers of the Seas” glass, semi-precious stone and shell mosaic, 30″ x 40″


I made the decision to leave behind the cold and gray winters of the north and relocate to the magnificent Suncoast of Western Florida. I’m continually awestruck by the vibrant hues that paint the land, sea and sky outside my door. I live next to a sprawling preserve where inspiration greets me every single day.


glass mosaic of a buddha in a garden by Donna Grossman

“Garden Buddha And Koi” glass mosaic, 30″ x 40″


In my fifties, I embarked on a new chapter in my life by pursuing an art career. I dedicated myself to studying oils, pastels and watercolors. Throughout this journey I had the privilege of being trained by internationally renowned artists who equipped me with the necessary tools to expand my skills and explore new artistic horizons.


Ocean scene glass mosaic by artist Donna Grossman

“Seascape” glass mosaic, 14″ x 48″


A serendipitous invitation to attend a weekend mosaic workshop sparked my curiosity and fascination with this art form. Intrigued by the captivating mosaic installations adorning the walls of the New York Subway system, I embarked on a self-guided journey of learning the craft of creating glass mosaics. Armed with boxes of stained glass scraps, I delved into the art form. I taught myself the techniques and intricacies involved in bringing mosaics to life.


Sunflower glass mosaic by artist Donna Grossman

“The Sunflower” glass on glass mosaic, 10″ x 10″


In contrast to the traditional method of embedding mosaics in grout, my process diverges. I begin by sketching out my design, which is then transferred to a substrate. Utilizing simple tools, I fashion the glass tiles for my artwork, strategically placing them to convey movement and variations in value. These glass fragments are securely adhered to the substrate, followed by an application of grout, which is cleaned and polished.


mosaic of an indigenous woman and owl by Donna Grossman

“Owl and Woman” glass, stone, shell and bone mosaic, 18″ x 24″


On occasion when I desire to create transparent works, I employ a glass substrate. This necessitates extra care, since once a glass piece is affixed it cannot be repositioned. At times, I intentionally allow the glass to crack, resulting in delicate shards that form fine lines within the composition. The glass consistently exceeds expectations, with unparalleled luminosity and an array of colors. Its inherent qualities add an undeniable allure to my creations.


Glass mosaic in progress by Donna Grossman

Mosaic “Sarasota Street Samba” in progress by artist Donna Grossman


In addition to glass, my mosaics often incorporate found objects and semi-precious stones. These add a unique and distinct touch to my artwork. It is not uncommon for a single mosaic piece to comprise thousands of meticulously arranged elements.


glass mosaic of a woman and fruit

“Sarasota Street Samba” glass mosaic, 24″ x 30″


Throughout my artistic journey I have had the pleasure of encountering numerous talented artists and supporting patrons. Their presence and encouragement have been invaluable to me. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have allowed my mosaics to be showcased at public exhibitions as well as private collections, both here and abroad.


glass mosaic illustrating an Indian fable by Donna Grossman

“Unity: an Indian Fable” glass and tile mosaic, 30″ x 40″


Each day that I spend working in my studio is a gift. I find immense joy and fulfillment in the creative process. It is through the medium of mosaic that I have captured the glorious colors of the world around me. It is through mosaics that I have discovered a sense of purpose and endless possibilities for self expression.


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