Featured Artist Frederic Lecut

I believe art should generate strong, positive emotions in the mind and heart of the beholder. Most of my work is about the eyes of real people.

Featured Artist Cynthia Fisher

I am truly in my element and believe I create my strongest work when pursuing my personal interest in working abstractly.

Featured Artist Anne Winter

As cities become denser, as they must, fewer and fewer parcels of land remain available for development. Exciting opportunities exist for ‘creative densification.’ This is the topic I am presently working on.

Featured Artist Susan Wechsler

I am often asked how did I get started in mosaics, while going through my beloved grandmother’s family china, I discovered some broken pieces that I could not bare to throw away.

Featured Artist Jonathan Mandell

I have been producing tactile wall mounted panels and sculptures over the last 22 years for both commercial and residential clients. I think of what I create as being the juncture of painting, drawing and sculpture.