Featured Artist Christina Bertsos

Artist Christina Bertsos presents an extraordinary collection of contemporary stone sculptures inspired by the human spirit. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.


Marble contemporary sculpture of Aphrodite by Christina Bertsos

“Aphrodite Rising” marble, 23″H x 8″Wx 8″D


I believe that beauty is a doorway to transformation. It opens the mind, uplifts the heart and helps us to evolve towards our highest potential. Therefore, as a sculptor I look to beauty for inspiration and have chosen the medium of stone which I have been enchanted with since my first encounter twelve years ago.


Contemporary sculpture titled "Night" by Christina Bertsos

“Night” stone, 19″H x 11″W x 6″D


I came to stone carving out of curiosity. Once begun, that curiosity turned into a passion and then a career in 2017. I am a self-taught artist and artisan where creativity, design and craftsmanship all play an important role in the creation of my one-of-a-kind stone sculptures.


Sculptor Christina Bertsos with a grouping of her marble sculptures

Artist Christina Bertsos with grouping of marble sculptures “The Graces” at Creative Pinellas


Through my sculptures I want to convey the essence of the feminine and the enlivened spirit. I want to show an inner as well as outer movement in a material that is perceived as dense and static, to symbolize the boundlessness of the human body and spirit.


contemporary marble sculpture by Christina Bertsos

“Silent Flight” marble, 15″H x 9″W x 6″D


Stone, also symbolic of the earth, can bring awareness to our connection with the planet as an extension of ourselves. And in that awaken a love that can ease the isolation and disconnection at times perceived by modern man.


Contemporary sculpture in dark stone by Christina Bertsos

“Beyond Illusion” stone, 22″H x 18″W x 8″D


My sculptures always begin with the stone itself. I know there are secrets of millennia to be uncovered and discovered. My process is fluid and intuitive.


Abstract marble sculpture of a swan by Christina Bertsos

“The Swan” marble, 30″H x13″W x10″


I begin with an initial concept and sketches. From there, I leave those behind and begin removing stone and allow the form to emerge.


Contemporary sculpture in alabaster by Christina Bertsos

“The Chrysalis” alabaster, 11″H x 26″W x 9″D


I draw much of my inspiration from my former discipline as a fashion designer and illustrator, as well as from classical Greek and modern sculpture. Using hand tools, pneumatics and many types of abrasives, the pieces are refined to a texture that is smooth, tactile and at times resembles skin, with the goal being one of touch.


Sculptor Christina Bertsos in the studio

Sculptor Christina Bertsos in her studio


I want the viewer to feel what my fingertips and hands are feeling. I want my abstract feminine forms to energetically allow them to feel the work so they may give it their own meaning. In this way, we both are bringing the stones as art to life.


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