Featured Artist Angela Sanders

Artist Angela Sanders shares a colorful portfolio of surreal digital images filled with mystery and dynamic energy. View more by visiting her website.


Layered digital art image of a woman

“As Old Worlds Fall Away” digital art, sizes vary


My love for photography started in junior high. I had a keen interest in portraiture and began taking pictures of anyone willing to be my subject. In high school I started studying the technical aspects of photography and purchased my first professional camera.


timepieces in digital artwork by Angela Sanders

“The Synchronicity of Joy” digital art, sizes vary


In early 2000, I was offered my first position as a photographer with a commercial studio. I learned a lot about lighting, composition and staging. I enjoyed my assignments photographing sporting events and senior portraits. Then I quickly went on to receive awards in both categories.


layered digital art with woman's figure by Angela Sanders

“In the Season of Shadows” digital art, sizes vary


Later, I took on a business position, not related to photography, but my interest was always there. I soon started working with a local band in Cincinnati, taking photos and capturing live performances. I started designing event flyers and generating press releases. This was a great new experience and a lot of fun.


layered digital art about harmony

“Harmony’s Heart” digital art, sizes vary


Working with the band resulted in the opportunity to create my first music video, completing all the principle photography and editing. I currently have created three and look forward to more. These experiences have expanded the scope of my skills and has led to a fabulous partnership with another local musician/author creating ad campaigns for social media, music/poem videos and book covers.


digital artwork featuring a vintage car

“At the Edge of Forever” digital art, sizes vary


Along this wonderful journey and inspired by this newfound world of music and literature, I created, quite by accident, the form of digital photographic layering that my newest collection is built upon.


Layered digital art composition wth a woman's portrait

“Winds of Ostara” digital art, sizes vary


One day I was asked if I could create a bizarre type of image. I was intrigued by the idea, but didn’t have any experience with this type of digital work. However, I was definitely up for the challenge. That is how it started, as an experiment. The first couple of images were not great but I could see that with a little finesse, I could create something I had never considered.


Digital art layered with images

“The Lotus Gate” digital art, sizes vary


After a lot of practice and experimentation and learning to let my imagination flow beyond the bounds of normalcy, my new images started taking shape. The “Lotus Gate” included here, is the first one I felt that rose to a professional level.


Artist Angela Sanders with artwork

Angela Sanders with some of her digital art


I don’t limit myself to specific types of images such as landscapes and wildlife. Rather, I prefer to choose an image that interests me and build from there, leaving myself open to the moment and let whatever manifests to appear. I like to be surprised by the journey of the image and follow its mood to fruition.


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  1. Angela,
    Interesting images. I read mystery stories. Makes me think of how a story unfolds.

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