Featured Artist Debbie Brady

Enjoy the impressive portfolio of Canadian photographer Debbie Brady, whose macro images explore the hidden beauty in nature. See more by visiting her website.


Oyster shell macro photography by Debbie Brady

“Enchanted” photomacrography, 60″ x 40″


During the halfway mark of my nursing degree, I became aware that a person could pursue art as a career. Being married and on full scholarship, I completed my studies. Two years later when we started a family, I became a stay-at-home mom. When our four sons were school age, I taught music and French part-time at local elementary schools.


Macro photography of an oyster shell by Debbie Brady

“Multifarious” photomacrography, sizes vary


By the time the youngest was a teenager, I was itching for formal artistic education and applied to a Visual Communications program. I was a woman on a mission, undeterred by the three-hour daily commute to become a graphic designer. For projects requiring photoshoots, I provided mockups for the “real photographer” using a little point-and-shoot camera. My compositions were garnering such positive feedback that I wanted to spend more time with the camera.


Detail of an oyster shell in macrophotography by Debbie Brady

“Quiescence” photomacrography, sizes vary


Throughout my life I’ve briefly dabbled in a variety of media, but photography was completely capturing my attention with its wealth of possibilities for creative expression.


Macrophotography by Canadian artist Debbie Brady

“Emanation” photomacrography, sizes vary


I learned that a DSLR camera would allow much more control of my images. Since I’m a detail person with an advanced degree of curiosity, I also purchased a macro lens. Being pre-YouTube I didn’t have access to online assistance with learning how to use my new equipment. Unable to grasp the technicalities by reading a lot of books, it remained unboxed for quite some time in my little office.


Photographer Debbie Brady at work on macro photos.

Artist Debbie Brady at work in her studio/gallery


The lightbulb of understanding finally shone while taking a local photography class. Feeling empowered, nothing escaped examination at a macro level: a butterfly’s eyeball or the wing of a housefly. Abstract scenes such as those found in paint splatters and rusty metal frequently caught my attention.


Oyster shell photography

Artwork titled “Denouement” as a detail shot from an oyster shell


My magical macro journey truly began the day I examined an oyster shell beach treasure. Living on the Canadian Oyster Coast, it was as if that first shell was saying “Look!! I have more to offer than gastronomic appeal.”


Oyster shell macrophotography by Debbie Brady

“Iridescence” photomacrography, sizes vary


I was absolutely blown away by “nature’s painting” hiding from the naked eye. Oyster Art was launched so I could share with others a miniature world they may otherwise never have the opportunity to explore. Eager to discover more of these paintings I began collecting oyster shells, which number many hundreds. Turns out that less than 10% have something to photograph at a macro level.


Macro photography of an oyster shell by artist Debbie Brady

“Odyssey” photomacrography, sizes vary


I continue to perfect my macro photography skills with more complex techniques and special equipment that allow me to capture up to 5:1 magnification.


Macro photo of an oyster shell by artist Debbie Brady

“Metamorphosis” photomacrography, sizes vary


The colour, shape and texture of an oyster shell is determined by the species and growing environment. That is why I am excited to photograph the intricate details of oyster shells from around the world and record that information with each artwork. Where the shell was found, a perspective photo of the shell showing the section photographed, and the number of separate photographs compiled to create an in-focus image are important details for the artwork’s provenance.


Oyster shell art by Canadian artist Debbie Brady

“Furbelow” photomacrography, sizes vary


It’s rewarding to know that Oyster Art generates stories that evolve over time and are as varied as the viewer.


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  1. Debbie,
    Interesting shapes and colors.So much fun to explore.

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