Featured Artist Kara Young

Mixed media artist Kara Young draws inspiration from the culture and land of New Mexico. Enjoy her portfolio, and see more by visiting her website.


Earthy Southwestern triptych art by Kara Young

“Earth & Fire” large triptych, mixed media/handcast paper, 32” x 52” x 2”


I am Kara Young, a celebrated artist from the enchanting city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. My artistic journey has been a passionate exploration of the world of handmade paper mixed media, allowing me to express the soul of this captivating place in my creations.


Southwestern design Fire Sticks handmade art

“Fire Sticks” triptych, mixed media/wood panels, each is 32” x 5.5” x 1”


Santa Fe, with its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, has been my muse for many years. Its beauty has deeply influenced my art, inspiring me to create pieces that reflect the essence of the land. The interplay of colors, textures, and emotions has fascinated me, leading me into the realm of mixed media.


Set of three works of handmade art titled Artifacts

“Artifacts” triptych, mixed media/handcast paper, 50” x 26” x 2”


Handmade paper holds a special place in my heart. It embodies craftsmanship, tradition, and authenticity, allowing me to infuse this into my pieces. Every art piece is unique, mirroring the diversity and character of New Mexico that nurtures my artistic spirit.


Southwestern art, guardian sculptures

“Openings with Stone Guardians” diptych, mixed media/handcast paper, 26” x 23 ” x 2”


In my Santa Fe studio, I embark on a creative journey with every artwork. My process involves a delicate dance between various elements such as acrylics, found objects, and handmade paper.


Set of three handmade works of art titled Canyon Walls

“Canyon Walls” triptych, mixed media/handcast paper, 26” x 48” x 2”


This combination weaves stories, emotions, and experiences into my art. The paper becomes a canvas for my thoughts and feelings, connecting me to the viewer.


Triptych with southwestern art by Kara Young

“Openings with Torn Metal & 3 Squares & 5 Squares Blue” triptych, mixed media/handcast paper, 50” x 26 ” x 2”


One of the most rewarding aspects of being an artist is connecting with my audience. I aim to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and spark conversations. I want viewers to experience New Mexico’s magic through my eyes and find their own interpretations within my work.


Triptych with Southwestern Theme

“Jewels from Within” triptych, mixed media/handcast paper, 30” x 52” x 1.5“
circle 30” x 1.5” large side panels 24” x 9” x 1.5”


As I continue my artistic journey in Santa Fe, I am grateful for the support of this vibrant artistic community. Creativity knows no bounds here, and I cherish being a part of it. My handmade paper mixed media art pays homage to the cultural and rich surroundings that nurture my creativity.


Decorative Southwestern triptych by Kara Young

“Canyon Walls” square triptych, mixed media/handcast paper, 12” x 36” x 2”


My journey is a tapestry of colors, textures, and emotions in mixed media and handmade paper. Through my art, I capture the essence of this remarkable land, sharing it with the world. Santa Fe has shaped me as an artist, and I am dedicated to preserving its beauty and spirit in my work.


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