Featured Artist Brooke Johnson

Sculptor Brooke Johnson shares her fascinating and challenging journey of transforming resin into a three-dimensional art form. See more by visiting her website.


closeup detail of sculpted resin #sculpture #abstractsculpture

“Catalina” closeup of sculpted resin on acrylic


Since my early years, you could often find me absorbed in a canvas covered in paint or immersed in the pages of a book, learning something new. Fast forward to today, and my family will confirm that not much has changed. I’m still either passionately painting or indulging in mastering a new technique!


sculpted resin triptych wall art installed in room

“Blue Daze” (triptych) sculpted resin on acrylic, 21″ x 72″ each


My artistic journey formally began when I graduated with Honors from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, armed with a degree in Graphic Design. Employed straight out of school, I dedicated many years to working in the field. However, in my late 20’s, a turning point led me to Texas. Here my art career took a backseat to the corporate world, while I focused on raising my family.


diptych of sculpted resin wall art

“Emerald Waves” (diptych) sculpted resin on acrylic, 18″ x 72″ each


Rediscovering my artistic side, I founded Brushworks Murals and later collaborated with a partner to found Artisan Studios. These businesses flourished into successful commission art and faux finishing companies, respectively, that thrived for the next 14 years.


sculpted resin wall discs

“Meadows” sculpted resin discs, multi sizes


Towards the end of my faux career, I learned about resin and was captivated by its potential. In my workshop, I dedicated hours to observing the interactions of different colorants and experimenting with various techniques, revealing the captivating one-of-a-kind effects that could be achieved through resin. This marked the beginning of my resin journey. As my initial small resin projects expanded into larger pieces, I began participating in art show circuits and eventually secured placements in stores and galleries.


sculpted resin art installation

“Sculptural Resin Discs” multi sizes


Continuing my exploration of resin, I started experimenting with the timing of its crystallization process as the material transitions from a liquid to a solid state. It’s essential to understand the challenge of taking a self-leveling product and expect it to retain any kind of dimensional qualities. Through both trial and error, I discovered that different resins possess different strengths. Some withstood twisting, shaping, and molding, while others collapsed immediately.


selection of sculpted resin vases by Brooke Johnson

“Sculpted Resin Vases” multi sizes


Rather than accept defeat, I continued to push the limits, ultimately leading to the creation of my line of organically shaped resin vases. The mesmerizing effects of light bouncing off the pearlescent micas coloring the resin, and the captivating organic shapes left me inspired. I had to take this artistic exploration even further!


sculpted resin wall art

“Margaritaville” sculpted resin on acrylic 20″ x 20″


I began an ambitious journey of manipulating and sculpting large sheets of pearlescent resin. Despite the gratification of creating these gorgeous sheets of resin, I encountered a rather large hurdle. They lacked independent stability, and I could not get them off the table!


resin sculpture by Brooke Johnson #sculpture #abstractsculpture

“Lakeview” sculpted resin on acrylic, 36″ x 46″


I teamed up with a young lady at an acrylic fabrication facility. We worked together on a solution, taking my creations to the next level. By strategically placing them on acrylic bases and incorporating concealed mounts and braces, we not only solved the stability issue, but also added a captivating dimensional element when displayed on the wall.


earth tone sculpted resin wall art

“Mocha” sculpted resin on acrylic, 36″ x 48″


It was a turning point, marking the debut of my revolutionary series, Resin Impressions. A lively collection was born from the meticulous hand-sculpting of pearlescent resin. Join me as I continue exploring resin’s boundless possibilities in the journey ahead.


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